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— The Lions Club brought a proposal to the city council Monday to keep the American Flags flying on Main Street year-round.

Lions Club member Danny Feemster brought the proposal from the club to

put up and maintain the flags for $1,500 per year. The flags - 53 of them -

would be flown from the city's street-lamp poles, meaning they would be light

ed and could be flown night and day year-round. The flags would have to be

taken down over the Christmas holidays when other decorations are up on the

street lamps.

The Lions Club, according to Feemster, expected to have to replace the large

nylon flags at least every two years and possibly more often than that.

The proposal was brought to the city because of comments about how nice

the flags look on Main Street on holidays. The club currently puts up the Main

Street flags and a large number of smaller flags at businesses and some homes

on each national holiday.

The club collects a fee for its service and uses any profits from the flag pro

gram to give scholarships to graduating Gentry High School seniors or to pur

chase eye glasses or eye-related treatments for area residents who need as


It was uncertain whether or

not the club would have money

left over after placing and

maintaining flags on Main

Street for a year, but if so, the

club would use any profits for

scholarships or to pay for eye

glasses or provide eye-related


The proposal was for 2010

but could also be prorated for

the balance of 2009 should the

city wish to have the flags up


Council members exchanged

favorable comments about the

proposal and having the flags

flying year-round.

Since the cost would not be a

budgeted expenditure for 2009

and would need to be consid

ered in the preparation of the

2010 budget, the proposal was

referred to the street and alley

committee and to the finance

committee for further study and


News, Pages 1, 2 on 08/05/2009

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