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— Plans are in the works to bring

a state Senate committee to Benton or Wash

ington county to talk about the cost of retro

fitting a coal plant in Gentry and other ener

gy issues, said state Sen. Kim Hendren, R


Hendren, a veteran state senator, co-chairs

the state legislative joint House and Senate

Energy Committee, which makes continuing

studies of energy resources and problems.

The committee is also charged to exercise

leadership in conservation, development and

use of energy resources.

"What we hope to do is get that committee

- our Energy Committee - up here and talk

about that and talk about the coal plant we

have over at Gentry. They're going to have to

spend a whole bunch of money over there.

The last I heard, they're going to have to

spend as much or more money to retrofit that

plant as they did to build it," Hendren said re


At the same hearing, he would also like to

look at ongoing efforts to convert poultry lit

ter to electricity and to look at other energy al

ternatives, he said.

"It would be a beautiful time to talk about

this litter project, to generate electricity; to

look at the coal-fired thing at Gentry, the nat

ural gas thing at Tontitown and, of course,

Beaver Lake and the hydroelectric power. And,

we've got the windmills out here," he said.

News, Pages 10 on 08/19/2009

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