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— Both Gentry

High School teams took first

place at a home match played at

the dawn Hill Country Club on

Aug. 18. It was a three-team golf

match between Gravette, Pea

Ridge and Gentry and the first

match of the year in which the

entire boys' golf team competed


Following are the low scores

of the nine-hole match:

◊Joe Morris of Gentry - 39

◊Ben Sarratt of Gentry - 40

◊Salmonsen of Pea Ridge - 42

◊Cooper of Pea Ridge - 42

◊Robbie White of Gentry - 45 The girls' competition came

out like this:

◊Pinto of Pea Ridge - 47

◊Kelsea Whitten of Gentry -53

◊White of Gravette - 53

◊Jessica Jech of Gentry - 54

◊Michaela Milam of Gentry -


◊Steenberger of Gravette - 63

◊Desarae of Gravette - 65

◊Wright of Pea Ridge - 69 The Pioneer Golf team played

a nine-hole match at the Razor

back Country Club the previous

Tuesday afternoon. The match

was hosted by Elkins. The Pio

neers again came out on top in

the competition. Following are

the individual scores:

◊Ben Sarratt of Gentry - 39

◊Salmonsen of Pea Ridge - 39

◊Robbie White of Gentry - 43

◊Harris of Elkins - 43◊ Kelly of Pea Ridge - 43◊Tannehill of Elkins - 46◊Holmes of Elkins - 47◊Daton of Pea Ridge - 48◊January of Elkins - 48◊Connelly of Cerdarville - 51◊Lonetree of Cerdarville - 52◊Ferrell of Westfork - 59◊Holderfield of Greenforest - 59◊Henry of Pea Ridge - 59

On Aug. 5, the teams played at the Highlands Golf Course in Bella Vista and Kelsea Whitten took her second first-place spot.

The match was between Shiloh, Pea Ridge, Gravette and Gentry.

The girls called it "the hottest day of the summer."

It was a nine-hole match - playing the front nine of the course. Whitten was the first place medalist and was followed by the newest member of this year's team, freshman Michaela Milam.

"She has thrown her first-year jitters away and is making a difference," said Pioneer Golf Coach Conlan Efurd. "She finished the day as the second-place medalist."

Jessica Jech finished fifth overall, improving her score by two strokes from the last match.

The boys played 18 holes at Highlands, and Robbie White, a senior on the boys' team this year, shot a 91 for the day. This earned him the fifth-place medalist spot.

"His goal is to help take the team to state competition this year," Efurd said.

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