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Regarding Death of Ivan Duncan Editor, This past week a man passed away and received no respect from the city he helped to build. The man was very instrumental in the building of the city and its industry and contributed a lot of funds and time. He supported its school system. He was a very strong Christian man and believed in the youth and their upbringing.

When the man passed last week, his family and friends - he had many - were deeply saddened. They respected him, showing him the highest regard. Many of the city's youth looked up to the man and used him as a model in their lives. Yet this man received no respect from city officials in any way recognizable to his family and friends. No one from the city government attend the funeral. One council member was there, but that member was related to this honorable man.

I was shamed because of the lack of respect shown from the city - shame because I was at one time a part of, and I grew up in that city.

The man was a great and true friend to me and all those he met. He was highly honored by those that loved and respected him. He was a Veteran of World War II, a strong Christian man, and he worked hard to help build the city.

Were is one to go in this country to be shown love or respect for what one has done to help this great country grow? Are we to just bury and forget those people that work hard to build and grow a strong community?

When the funeral for the man had standing room only from his family and friends, you know he was loved and respected deeply and highly. However, when no one from the city government attended - that was not family - it is a very sad day for that city and its citizens.

The police department's sergeant was in attendance and that did show respect on his part.

How can the citizens of such a city have respect for the city officials? I ask you, the citizens, what do you want in your city officials? They work for you the citizens - Period. Do you want city officials that respect the city's citizens? You as the citizens deserve respect from those that serve you.

Dave Cook Decatur

Opinion, Pages 5 on 08/26/2009

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