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Sure wish my Sainted Mother was around to make me a pot of beans and a pan of 'slapped' biscuits. You know what I mean, bacon grease on the bread pan and each biscuit slapped down and turned over in it to make it all shiny and slick. The little tiny specks of whatever that is in bacon grease sticking to each globe of wonder makes my mouth water just to remember it. And the beans, the beans with the juice so thick you can almost eat it with a fork.

Yes, my close relative cooks for me and she does a jam up job of it. She can outdo almost any cook I have ever eaten after, but her beans are always runny and she won't fix me any slapped biscuits. She said she would do it if she wanted to be a young widow woman but she would prefer I'd stay around to build fence and change tires. Isn't she a sweetheart?

It has been an unusual month and I have enjoyed the moisture. I cannot understand why the good Lord lets so much rain fall on towns with all the concrete and then problems with drainage. He does not consult me with weather plans. I guess that is OK, because if I were in charge it would rain on my place while my neighbor needed hay to dry.

The old fall producers are springing up now. I sure enjoy seeing the udders begin and the big calves drop down. That is a beautiful sight to cattlemen and one of the reasons we can remain hopeful during hard times. Seeing the progress of your work is a natural high and a high thatis welcomed with thankfulness after so many dark and dreary days of the last couple of years.

War and rumors of war will always peck at us and drought will begin to dry our bones but Keepers of the Land will remain hopeful. The deep down reasons for doing what we do are difficult or downright impossible to explain but we look for sunrises, rainbows and springs of green grass. Hope is our spring of strength and if we drink deep we can continue. Just another gift from our Maker, this hope thing.

Old Snip and Dog had to go visit the vet. Snip needed his Coggins test and dewormer and Dog had to have all his shots. I look forward to the trips when the male offspring are around and working. I guess it is a guilt free feeling, knowing someone is still working while I'm at town, as if that bothers me much. I like visiting with the men and watching the procedures while I wait my turn. That was my big experience this week.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, the body is a wonderful creation and works dang well no matter how we misuse it. Slapped biscuits can't be much worse on one than painting over the nails on your fingers and toes, cutting of all their air. Or pulling out facial hair but with tweezers to make an arch where one is not natural. And I could go on but I won't. Sure hope this isn't read any farther down than the hint about beans and biscuits. There it is again, hope!

I have some!

Opinion, Pages 4 on 08/26/2009

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