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— Is it tough being the younger brother? Not really. (Older brother and Gentry senior quarterback) Caleb supports me and helps.

You're bigger than he is anyway right? Yeah a little bit.

Does your dad, defensive coordinator DanielRamsey, get on you more than anybody else? Sometimes. It's a little harder when I mess up.

How many times have you been to the Gentry Wildlife Safari? I really haven't been since kindergarten. Since coming to Gentry (in 2007) I haven't been out there yet.

What's your favorite meal? Pizza, probably pepperoni.

Where's your favorite place to eat? Probably The Wooden Spoon in Gentry. I get whatever the special is and then the pie, of course, because it's really good. Blackberry with ice cream.

Do you and Caleb fight over meat and potatoes at the dinner table? Yeah pretty much, it's whoever gets there first.

Can you explain the spelling of your first name? Well my parents said it was because my mom was unconscious and my dad didn't know how to spell my first name.

What do you like to do when you're not playing football? Just hang around with friends pretty much and chill.

Who's the one guy on the team that you don't want to mess with? I'd have to say Nick Weeks, because he's a little crazy. You don't know what he'll do.

Funniest thing about head coach Brian Little?

The time he got hit by a football in practice one time. He got really mad about it. We were running routes and he was sitting down. He was already mad at the time. Caleb threw it and the receiver missed and he got hit by the football.

What's your favorite video game? NCAA '09 on X-Box 360.

If you could drive any vehicle what would it be? Anything with gas I guess. I don't care.

Best experience on the football field so far? It'd have to be last year against Prairie Grove, when we beat them barely with a last second touchdown. We just played a really good game. It was really intense.

Gentry hasn't made the playoffs since 1998, is this the year the Pioneers will break through? Yes it is. It's my brother's senior year. We're ready to make the playoffs.

Sports, Pages 9 on 08/26/2009

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