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— After 11-years, the Gallery Cafe is changing hands and

owner Denise Trammell is saying good-bye, not only to the business

that she has built but to the community she has grown to love.

Trammel has a serious illness, and doctors have told her she must

leave Arkansas' steamy summers and unpredictable changes in weath

er for a climate with low humidity and an even temperature.

She is selling the Gallery Cafe and moving to an area in Arizona that

has a very low average humidity and where the temperature rarely falls

below 50 degrees or climbs above 90. It's also near a major hospital that

has expertise in treating her condition.

"I want to tell everybody good-bye and tell them I'm going to miss

them," she said.

Trammell closed the cafe after lunch for a few weeks in June after

doctors gave her the news about her health problems. She re-opened

full swing in early July but working while on her medications is diffi


"For me to be working and not just resting is not good," she said.

For someone as hard working and self motivated as Trammell, taking

it easy doesn't come naturally. She also faces the stress of moving more

than 24 hours away. Trammell said she's going to miss the friends she

has made and the customers she sees every day the most.

"I love walking in there and giving people a hard time," she said.

Trammell said she had several offers on the Gallery Cafe but chose

to sell it to Stacy and Amy Brooks because they are from the Decatur

area. Trammell explained that it was very important to her to sell the

cafe to someone she could trust to take good care of her customers and

staff. The restaurant is scheduled to officially change hands on Sept. 1.

Over the past few weeks, she

has been working with Stacy

and helping him get familiar

with all aspects of managing

the restaurant. She has beentraining him in the kitchen and has taught him to bake cakes, pies and biscuits that rival her own.

"He loves it," she said.

"I know I have a gift of cooking. I love to make pies and make biscuits and see how they turn out. I taught Stacy how to make biscuits and hemakes biscuits as good as I do," Trammell said with a delighted laugh.

Trammell said she has many good friends in Arkansas with whom she will be staying in touch.

"I love the people in Decatur," she said. "It has been a blast."

News, Pages 1, 2 on 08/26/2009

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