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— This time of the year means slowing down in the lawn mowing department. Of course, all the rain we got this month kept us from mowing lawns, too. One thing I like about this time of the year is that the road department mows the edges of the road all the way to the fences, which makes the roads look so nice. What could be better than that?

Now Christmas is just around the corner, but let’s get to Thanksgiving first.

My children were home for a weekend this last month, and it is always good to see the college kids come back.They are always glad that Mom cooks for them, and I am glad that I can do it. There will be a time when they won’t be needing me so much, and so I need to do their bidding as much as possible. Sounds like I am not letting them grow up, but they have grown up more than you would believe. They know about having to do this kind of stuff on their own, and so when someone else cooks for them, drives them some place, or just lets them sleepin, they realize that they are getting a real blessing.

Birthdays this month include Chris Burge. Chris, your sister (Linda) wants to wish you Happy birthday. So I hear it will take an act of congress to find out how old you are, but that is OK, we are just glad that you are blessed with another wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday to Ruth Holzkamper! For those who know Ruth, her family is sending her a 100th Birthday Card shower. Ruth lived for many years in Gentry, and still has children / grandchildren here, but she is living with a daughter in Tennessee. So if you would like to send Ruth a card, address it to 127 Neverbreak Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075. Definitely, God is good.

Happy Anniversary to Linda Cloud, Luba Fisher, and Sharleta Davidson, who celebrated 23 years with Mc-Kee Foods this month … I started working with Sharleta on the same line, but when I got pregnant with Jessica, and was sick, I quit working at Little Debbie’s … Just think, I too could have 23 years there, butinstead, I got to raise my children myself, and now am back at work there, so it all worked out in the end.

Last week, Haley was telling me that she missed living in Decatur. After that being her home for 16 years, it is hard getting used to a new place. I was glad that my children have such fond memories of life there, and it will always be home.

Our condolences go out to the Young Family, at the loss of Bill. I will never forget Bill getting up in front of church and telling the congregation that our house had burned the week before, that we all (in the church) were family and we help family. The church rallied around him, and he got my parents’ house built for the $5,000 they collected that day. People volunteered to help, and my parents were so blessed by his kind deed. My family now lives in that house.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Remember to start sharing some of that wonderful cooking you are doing with your local rural carrier / clerk at the post office. They deliver mail in water, snow, heat and whatever the weather, and they deserve a little treat now and then. And sometimes they even share it with me; that is why I love your kindness to the mailman. Ha. 52 days until Christmas!

News, Pages 13 on 11/04/2009


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