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— The old cow swung her head around and almost knocked the air out of old Dog. He couldn’t help himself, just had to get up close and personal with the stink he thought he could smell on the cow’s shoulder. She wasn’t interested in helping him satisfy his animal instincts and her mood was not one to be fooled with. She was cranky. And she had a right.

I had to rope and tie the silly old cow down and she knew better than to challenge me, a rope in my hands and a big loop already built. Some would teehee about that remark but I was ready for her and so was Snip. I dropped the loop and we turned back, she hit the end and she hit the ground. Snip held her while I secured her feet and then we eased up and set to work.

Some old critters just seem to have bad feet. This old cow was not hurting yet but her toes were becoming crossed and she wasn’t standing up real good on her front feet. I knew from bitter experience that the longer I waited the harder it would be to fix the problem. The weather being pretty damp helps when you start filing and nipping around on hooves so I decided today would be just about perfect.

Snip bowed up like a colt when I pulled the cinch tight and I wanted to stiff leg when I stepped on but we talked it over and decided we were both too old for such nonsense. Dog was barking and bouncing around like a pup, hoping for a show I guess.

My close relative came out, to snoop around and see if I was still in one piece I suspect. I saw her peeking around the corner of thegarage, neck stretched out so as not to show her whole self. I ignored her and went on about my rat killing.

Do you know what it feels like to lope across a pasture with little spittles of rain hitting your face? I gotta admit that I must be one of the luckiest fellers alive to get to enjoy the things of nature provided by God. Yeah, my clothes will be damp and my hat will be sorta limp but the great feeling will be stored in the category of Oh Goody, just below Perfect Days in my memory.

My old saddle bags are about to wear out but they did manage to keep the nippers and rasp held during the roping and tying. I got the right hoof and then the left in short order and the old cow was rolling her eyes as I told her how much better she was gonna feel and walk when I let her up. Her calf was watching, standing all spraddle legged and bug eyed. His dinner was beginning to leak out and he was not a happy camper about that.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, a trip to the moon would be exciting for sure, but it would be hard put to be any more pleasurable than the ride I had this morning. I am damp from exertion on the inside of my jacket and on the outside from mist. My ways are not technical, my mind not brilliant but my heart is filled with the joyof a very good and gracious God.

I don’t have any roses to smell but I did take a turn around the heifer pasture before I put Snip on the cow trail heading to the barn. I hope you enjoyed yourself today.

Opinion, Pages 4 on 11/04/2009

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