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— Officers for the Summer Baseball/Softball season have been elected and are gearing up for next summer’s program, said Debbie Skinner, communications’ website manager for the organization.

Officers are Tony Kildow, President; Richard Carver, Vice-President; Robin Hilger, Secretary; Amanda Trembly; Treasurer; Craig Oliphant, UIC; Tracy Moorman, Baseball Commissioner; Terry King, Softball Commissioner; Carl Oxford, Equipment/Field Supervisor; Gretchen Oxford, Concession Purchasing Manager; Grant Duke, Sponsoring and Fundraising Manager; and Debbie Skinner, Communications/ Website Manager.

Skinner provided the following report outlining plans for the organization.

“The new board of directors for the Summer Ball Program met last week excited to work on next season’s program. Tony Kildow, the new league president, said, ‘We’re going to work hard to make next season the best season of baseball and softball Gravette’s ever had.’ Coaches clinics, starting the practice season earlier and encouraging more kids to play were all topics discussed for positive improvement to the program. A summer golf tournament and 100-inning ball tournament were just a few fundraising ideas Grant Duke brought to the table as the new fundraising manager.

“There is currently an open board position for a Concession Operations Manager. This is not alone position. There is a Purchasing Manager who will take care of stocking, buying and managing the supplies as well as the complete support of the other members to help with the organization and operations. If you, or someone you know, would like to join this energetic group of community volunteers please contact Tony Kildow at 787-0250.

“November 7 at 8 a.m. has been scheduled for a morning to work on the ballfield complex. Grab whatever tools you can find and come out and help with this community effort.Bring your rakes, shovels, weedeaters and any other tools you can think of. All are welcome even just to pick up rocks.

“The Summer Baseball and Softball League website address is Add it to your favorites and check back often for current and accurate information all year long. ‘You’ll find board meetings, workday schedules, sign-up forms and we’re even hoping to offer online registration with online fee-paying,’ said Debbie Skinner, the new web manager.

“During the season we play to have up-to-date scores, standings, schedule changes, rain-out notices and more available for immediate information. The league also hopes to replace the generic website ads with local sponsors who will be able to show their support 12 months a year, 24/7.”

News, Pages 8 on 11/04/2009

Print Headline: Plans Are Shaping Up For Summer Baseball, Softball

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