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— Two local women, Charlotte Robinson and Yer Moua, wrote a short story together that was recently published in a women’s devotional book Sanctuary, finding sanctuary for the soul in the presence of God.

Sanctuary contains 365 devotions written for women by women. Robinson and Moua share a beautiful story about the powerful legacy of a mothers love. The story is featured as the April 5 reading and is titled “Take Care of My Baby.”

The two women became friends while working together at McKee Foods in Gentry. When Robinson lost her mother, she shared her sorrow with her friend.

“Yes, it is awful to be without a mother. I only wish I could have known my mother,” Moua said.

Moua shared how she had lost her mother when she was only a year old.

Moua’s family lives in Laos and the Communists had planted mines in the area. Her mother and 16-year-old sister were working in the fields cutting brush, when her sister’s machete hit some brush that triggered a grenade.

Even though Moua’s mother was injured, she carried her 16-year-old daughter nearly a half-mile before Moua’s father met them. Moua’s mother couldn’t go any further and soon died from blood loss.

Her mother selflessly gave her life to save her daughter, Her last words were, “Take care of my baby.”

Moua’s story touched Robinson and made her feel blessed that she had known her mother for 45 years. She also realized that even though Moua may not have ever gotten to know her mother personally, she does know what kind of character her mother had by her actions.

“I thought ‘Wow, that would make a great devotional,’” Robinsons said.

Robinson and Moua worked together to write the story. Robinson would write, and then Moua would help her make corrections and additions.

“I really wanted this to be her story,” Robinson said, “Yer is the most awesome woman. She’s so calm and very patient in her job.”

Another one of Robinson’s stories, College Days, was featured as the June 1 reading in Sanctuary. The women’s devotionals are published annually, and this is the sixth book that has included one of Robinson’s writings.

Sanctuary is published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association. Authors donate their stories for the book and proceeds from the sale of the book go to fund scholarships that help women in third-world countries obtain higher education, Robinson said.

Copies of Sanctuary can be ordered by calling the Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church office at 736-8808.

News, Pages 13 on 11/04/2009

Print Headline: Two local women publish story in a devotional book

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