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— Gravette City Council Thursday night took no official action on agenda items other than referring them to the next meeting of the Committee of theWhole scheduled December 3.

Items included possible revision or rescinding of the existing ordinance governing the Volunteer Fire Department, discussion of year-end bonuses for city employees and discussion of Roll-Off Sanitation Service fees.

Concerning the fire department ordinance, City Attorney Tom Smith noted the city has the authority to set policy and regulations for the fire department as well as the police department. After discussion, the Council approved a motion by Byron Warren to continue discussion of the item topic to the Committee.

Year-end bonuses were another topic that was referred to the Committee where the city’s November balance sheet will be taken into consideration. The city sales tax and other revenue sources have resulted in budget tightening this year and similar actions are being considered for the 2010 budget. Warren noted, “We’re over budget now.”

Further discussion of the contract with and charges by Roll-Off Sanitation will be held during the next Committee meeting.

Dan Yates spoke as a representative for the Gravette School Board concerning the Council’s recent action to require building permits for construction of the new high school gymnasium and middle school music complex.

Yates said the board and city “have worked well together” in the past and thanked the city for their consideration and a continuation of a good working relationship. He also noted the school is facing a cut in its upcoming annual budget.

Dr. Andrea Kelley, superintendent of schools, echoed Yates with a brief comment that “We want to make sure there is a good partnership” between the city and school in the future.

Council member Warren responded the two entities have always worked well together and noted the funds received from building permits have been designated to help complete the sidewalk along East Main Street to the High School complex area, particularly in the Old Town area.

News, Pages 1 on 11/25/2009

Print Headline: School - City Cooperation Is Lauded

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