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— The property and building code enforcement committee is recommending that a new ordinance be drafted banning the keeping of dogs tethered in a fixed location.

The ordinance is being proposed because of the danger posed to children and adults who maycome within reach of animals - some of the dogs vicious - tied or chained in a yard. The practice of keeping dogs chained was also viewed by committee members as cruel.

In other business, the committee discussed progress being made in removing homes and buildings in violation of city building codes.

Specifically mentioned was the demolition of a house located at 201 McKinnon which had been condemned by the city and was demolished with the cooperation of the property owners.

Suggested by city building inspector David McNair was a requirement that future subdivision developers submit location drawings for utilities in the first plat sothat companies know where they are required to put utilities within easements and one utility company does not take up the whole easement and make it unusable for others.

Also suggested by McNair was that the committee look into a way to make sure manhole covers be kept accessible to city workers and not enclosed within fences and made inaccessible to workers and equipment needed to clean out sewers.

Committee chairman James Furgason suggested the city develop a computerized maintenance system to keep record of all code violations and complaints and actions taken, along with dates and times, so that violations - whether building code or property code - do not “fall between the cracks.”

The possibility of additional pickup days for leaves and other yard waste was again discussed. Included in the discussion was a suggestion that the city seek - with grant money - to purchase a machine which could be used to pick up and mulch leaves at curbside.

News, Pages 1 on 11/25/2009

Print Headline: Tethered dogs could be outlawed

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