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— Finally, we are about to get a holiday. It has been two months since we have had any excuse to not go to work, so hopefully everyone will have a wonderful Labor Day.

Oh, excuse me, did I say labor? Yes, I believe this holiday is actually a day when more people will labor than not. But there will be some places closed down and — wherever those places are — I assume the people who work there will be out shopping.

August has been a really busy month, with vacations coming to a close and school starting. My family was blessed with being able to go to the International Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wis. Our children went up with their different groups, and since our two oldest children were getting the honor of receiving a Master Guide — a high honor in the Pathfinders’ Club — David and I decided that it would be well worth seeing them get this honor.

We drove up to Oshkosh on a Friday so we could see them on Saturday. After the program, lunch and visiting the huge camporee, — can you imagine 38,000 people in tents? — we drove back home. Yes, it made for a long, tiring weekend, but we were proud of Jessica and Benton’s achievement.

Last weekend Jessica and Benton left for college in Keene, Texas, a short distance from Dallas, so I guess it is crying time again. I know they will do well, but it is hard for Mom to be absent from them for so long. Oh, well, I know it is very important that they move on in life, so I am glad they are able to do this, and I am sure it will be a successful move. Our Baby, Haley is a sophomore at Ozark, so my nest is losing its babies.

I want to say a belated happy birthday to Linda Forcum since I promised to mention her birthday last month, and I lost my train of thought somewhere. So, Linda, we hope you had a wonderful birthday. And, just think, there are only 10 more months until you have another! That is the best news.

Happy birthday to Mike Coones, our brother-inlaw. I hope your day was a fun one, Mike.

Our sympathies go to the Jim Twiggs family, in the loss of his grandmother, Nellie. A wonderful thing is that he was able to have a grandmother for so long in his life.

Congratulations to Twila Long, who has accepted the position as Centerton’s new Postmaster. Twila has been Decatur’s post master for over twenty years, and I have personally worked for her for 14 of those years. We will miss you in Decatur, but wish you Godspeed in your new position.

Congratulations to Kim Beggs and Mark Wilkins as they begin their life together as a wedded couple. We wish you all the luck in the world.

OK, it’s time for Charlotte’s Random Road Ranting. I am just giving you my opinion on the new highway — Arkansas Highway 59. One thing I think needs to be changed is this: As you come from U.S. Highway 412 from Fayetteville, and turn on Hwy. 59 toward Gentry, there is a yield sign that has been there since the road was two-laned. I think this sign needs to be removed because when you turn on that road now, you have your own lane. There is really no need for someone to yield. The cars coming left, from Siloam Springs, are not turning on your lane, and you are not turning into theirs. So, perhaps something can be done to remove this sign.

Then, as you drive up into the Gentry area, the speed limit on the five lane highway, becomes 45 as far back as Sleepy Hollow. Now, I believe one should slow down before they get up into the town area, but need it be that far back? I think it should still be 55 until you get closer, let’s say near Adam’s Truss, or perhaps at the top of the hill. I understand safety, but few people drive that speed unless they see our local police officers parked near the highway. I am sure there is some reasoning behind this, but it would be of interest to me to know exactly why it is that speed. The Department of Transportation probably knows why.

So, to all of you who love to shop, only three and a half good months left for Christmas shopping. I certainly do not know where 2009 has gone, but I hate to see the “ought” years leave us.

Give your kids an extra kiss before they leave for getting on the bus. They probably need it if they have to be at school all day.

Opinion, Pages 5 on 10/07/2009

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