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— Dear Editor,

Over last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a local author who I feel is very gifted and successful in her own right. As she discussed the art of writing with me she told me something I had never thought of or even felt that I’ve found to be so true.

She said that expressing your emotions on paper for the world to read is like “undressing in public”. I laughed because I loved her metaphor and then I started to think about everything I had ever written that meant enough to me to share with others. After reading years of my

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank all the people in town for the prayers and food this last week.

Special thanks to David, Shirley and Vivian Barber life I realized that I had put myself on the “literary line” simply by just doing something that felt so natural to me. I couldn’t help but think of the famous quote by Browning, “I’ve tasted life”, and I smiled.

With this chance meeting I again had been taught a valuable lesson. Baring your soul in the pages in my opinion is not only about the struggles that we all share, or even financial gain, but the long journey ahead and the road. I pray I never see a day when I can honestly say I’m done traveling.

Julie Chism-Cook

and to Betty Watson. Also to Circle of Life Hospice and the doctors and nurses of Highland Oncology Group.

William Withers Family

Sulphur Springs, AR

Opinion, Pages 4 on 10/07/2009

Print Headline: Gravette Letters To The Editor

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