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— September days are passing quickly and two-thirds of the month is already gone. Foggy mornings and cool nights are bookends to days that linger in the 70's, a pleasant change after the hot days of August. It's perfect football weather and our team is off to a good start as the Lions chalked up their third victory after a long trip to Kansas. We had a good rain at midweek and showers Saturday so the fish pond has stayed full all week. We're getting several ripe tomatoes and the plants are flourishing in the cool weather with lots of blooms on both the tomatoes and peppers.

Our generous friends and frequent trips to the farmers' market have provided us with an abundance of healthy fresh vegetables. Jim returned to Oklahoma to work the first of the week and came home with another big box of tomatoes, a few peppers and an extralong cucumber.

I stayed longer at the office than I planned on Tuesday as one of the newspaper pages was giving us trouble and we had to send it to the printer several times. When I got home I grabbed a quick bite of lunch and soon took Mama to the clinic for her six-week checkup. She got a good report and had her annual flu shot, then we dropped by to visit her sisters Leda and Leta. After a short visit with them I took Mama home and went to do a bit of grocery shopping before returning to prepare a cheeseburger macaroni dish for supper.

After eating a bowl of breakfast cereal Wednesday morning I went to the library to help reshelve books that had been packed during our remodeling. I worked in the adult fiction section, unpacking boxes of books and placing them in alphabetical order on the shelves. I went home and heated a chicken parmesan flatbread for lunch and returned in early afternoon, stopping to deliver some tomatoes to a friend on the way.

I returned to work at thelibrary Thursday morning, this time in the junior and young adult section. I went home for lunch and visited City Hall and the schools to deliver posters before going back that afternoon. I stopped in time to go watch "Jeopardy" with Jim and mowed the front yard before preparing supper. Sister Mary Alice called while we were eating and we had a brief visit.

I worked a few hours at the office Friday morning and Jim worked building and standing walls for a room addition east of Decatur. After lunch I went to the library and stayed long enough to finish sorting books in the young adult section and begin organizing nonfiction books in the children's room.

I was out early Saturday morning to take items to the recycling trailer and visit the farmers' market where I purchased string beans, banana peppers, zucchini and cucumbers and some cinnamon rolls for Jim to enjoy with his coffee. After breakfast we drove to Grove to attend the annual rural electric coop meeting there. We got a bag of goodies including new caps, lightbulbs and a 2010 calendar, signed up for several prizes and browsed the craft booths before heading home. We listened to the Razorback game on the radio and watched the Texas-Texas Tech game that evening.

We made a trip to Southwest City Sunday morning and stopped to visit friends in Maysville on the way home. Jim finished the concrete bordering the brick walkway around the fish pond while I washed up the dishes and cut coupons from the morning paper. On an afternoon visit to the dollar store I discovered summer garden items on clearance and bought a pot of fake foliage and a small "peace" sign to display by the fish pond. Jim manned the TV remote and flipped back and forth between "King Kong" and the Cowboys game that evening.

Opinion, Pages 4 on 09/23/2009

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