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DECATUR -- In its ongoing effort to make the city a cleaner place to live, the Decatur City Council passed an ordinance to eliminate unwanted waste items within the city limits. The measure was part of the council's regular meeting in the conference room at Decatur City Hall Nov. 13.

The new ordinance, which passed on three readings, requires all property owners or residents (who have one or more utility bills with the city) within the Decatur city limits to "cut weeds, grass, remove garbage, rubbish and other unsanitary and unsightly articles including abandoned or junk motor vehicles, machinery of any description, furniture, appliances or building material."

Under the new measure, owners or residents are required to eliminate any stagnant pools of water that could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies or germs that could affect the health and well-being of the community.

Any property owners caught violating the ordinance will be issued a citation and will have 20 days to comply. If no action is taken, the Decatur Police Chief is authorized to take action to clean up the property at the owner's expense.

The new ordinance went into effect Nov. 13, per an emergency clause also approved by the vote of the council.

Decatur Mayor Bob Tharp presented the city budget for 2018 which is scheduled to go into effect January 1. The proposed budget includes revenues and expenses for city administration, police, fire, library, parks, and streets. In the proposed budget, the city is expected to take in and spend $1, 290,142.

The water and wastewater department proposed revenues and expenses, separate from the city's, will be $5,016,810 and includes the current expansion project.

The council will review the city and the water and wastewater department budgets during the December meeting and is expected to approve them.

In other council business, the council:

• Passed a second ordinance that requires the library board of trustees to meet on the fourth Monday of January, April, July, and October at 7 p.m. in the library meeting area.

• Passed a resolution supporting "federal and state legislation to ensure the proper assessment and collection of sales tax from all internet/online sales" in an attempt to protect local retail businesses.

• Passed a resolution taking possession and control of all items and equipment associated with the Decatur Depot. This includes items in the depot and equipment in the adjacent shed.

The Decatur City Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the conference room at city hall. The first 30 minutes of each meeting is open to citizen comments or concerns. For more information, contact the Decatur City Office at 479-752-3912.

General News on 11/22/2017

Print Headline: Decatur council passes ordinance to clean up the city.

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