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SPRINGTOWN -- According to draft minutes, during the public comment section (limited by ordinance to 3 minutes per person) of Springtown's Nov. 14 council meeting, Lyman Williams expressed his concerns with the Bredehoeft Project accommodating farm equipment, fire equipment and school buses; Paul Lemke presented a petition seeking to end the Bredehoeft Project, signed by residents of Benton County; and Vernon Reams presented the idea of surrendering the town's charter and no longer being a town but rather a part of unincorporated Benton County.

It was reported to the council that the town's street signs are nearly done and that Tim will have that completed by the end of the year; that fall cleanup is complete, with the large dumpster full and the next cleanup to be held in the spring; that the smaller dumpster in the park was vandalized and several race-car tires were dumped (the lock was cut off but has been replaced).

According to the draft minutes, the town will pay to dispose of the tires, but any further vandalism or illegal dumping will result in permanent removal of the dumpster.

Mayor Terri Glenn reported that the Bredehoeft Street Project survey is complete and has been provided to the engineer who is working on the design. "The engineer is highly qualified, has extensive experience in traffic flow and is well aware of our concerns related to safety," the draft minutes state. Glenn said the design of the new intersection is not yet available "but will be made available to the public to allay the concerns expressed."

Any action on the Bredehoeft Street Project was tabled until more information is available, according to draft minutes.

It was reported that the town is submitting a grant application to assist with the storm siren replacement. The grant application is due in March, and award decisions will be made in May.

It was reported that expenses related to Freedom of Information Act requests were unusually high this year, including an additional $1,315 in legal expenses for FOIA requests submitted directly to the town's attorney.

A copy of the 2017 budget and proposed 2018 budget were distributed to the council for review. The 2017 budget will be amended to include additional legal expenses and will be finalized at the December meeting, according to draft minutes. The proposed 2018 budget is also scheduled to be finalized by the council in December.

General News on 11/29/2017

Print Headline: Council hears concerns on Bredehoeft Street project, other updates

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