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When and why did I decide I didn't need any other person's input when I started to build a permanent structure? Why did I think I could completely make a building of any sort without help or instructions from a wiser head? These are the questions I will probably be faced with when I reach the judgment seat of God! I have already been raked over the coals by my close relative and surely God won't be as painfully harsh as she.

I just needed to build a small little structure on the edge of a 120-acre field where I feed pretty often. It would be helpful to have feed stored there and not be required to figure out how to haul it on the hay truck. We have experienced about a week of decent weather and I figured I could throw up a structure in about three days. A needed place with a concrete floor surely wouldn't be much trouble.

I hayed the cattle, changed trucks and loaded the cement mixer and tools, and it was making me feel right spry to start a new adventure and actually produce a physical structure that I could say I did! The no need of water or electricity was, sure enough, a plus. All I had to do was nail it together. As I put this on paper, it reminds me of a band of outlaws planning a bank job and saying we can outrun the posse to Mexico. Dang fool!

Actually takes several hours to mix and pour concrete when you need to haul all the water, run the machine yourself, carry a bucket of the stuff heavier than an elephant and then spread all the goo out into a reasonably smooth surface. It was almost dark when I got that done.

I got the lumber yard to haul the needed material to the job site. It wasn't much, but they got it there and unloaded, looked at the slab and asked me who did that. I mumbled and proceeded to begin sorting and building. This part was gonna be easy because I have seen it done many times. No questions to mull over, just put it together and have four walls standing by evening. You realize this is the second day, and I am missing from the offspring and close relative.

A little more mulling than I figured, and it was almost dark when I finished one wall and it was not standing when I left for headquarters. We ate supper, a good steak and mashed spuds and I was needing some soothing. Nothing works better than a good meal! I sat in my chair and ached. Now was the time to tell and ask. I told about the job, asked my close relative to call our carpenter and once again promised never to try to build anything. I did not tell how smart I was feeling at the onset of the project, will never reveal deep manly feelings because that would be a discredit to mankind.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, we all have certain gifts and talents. Some fellers can shoe a horse, build a house, make a car run or paint a picture. I can't do much, but I do enjoy life and I suspect that is my talent. I haven't inquired of the family what they think because that would be sorta like begging for praise, and I sure ain't gonna do that! I also make a dandy grandpa.

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 01/31/2018

Print Headline: We all have certain gifts and talents -- putting up a building's not mine

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