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We lost a horse this past week. Colic put down the young horse we had purchased eight months ago, hoping for a barrel horse for the grands. He had the bloodlines to be fast and the desire to please but all is lost now.

We had the vet out as soon as we noticed and it was not quick enough. I had it happen to me in my youth and it is a thing you won't forget. I don't pucker up anymore and I don't kick rocks but that doesn't mean I didn't want to. Such a heart-wrenching episode for the grands and my close relative was just as bad. We all love horses, maybe a little more than we should.

No rain hit this rock pile, but one little quarter of a mile south of our boundary got right at an inch. It was all in woods and that is not where I would have put it. I would have moved the clouds over a dry pasture or hayfield and let it rip! Once again, I discovered I am not in control! But the trees do need rain, I know. I remember a few years back, many of the trees gave up and died in one of the long dry spells. It was hard to imagine so many in the timber as I drove down the highway, made a ghostly and sad picture.

We are dining like fat rabbits! We have lettuce, tomatoes and other things I am not sure about for lunch and supper. There are sounds reminding me of purring as my close relative cuts, dices and chops the vegetables into edible chunks. The table is adorned with at least a dozen types of dressings and eight or 10 different cracker varieties. Sometimes, there is a little beef to spread out in little pieces on the fodder, but mostly chicken. I will be a shadow of my former self when cold weather finally hits.

The cattle are picking at the dry grass and doing alright, I guess. We did get that second cutting of hay and hauled in less than we should have had. The three places we have saved for hay are looking pretty sad but they could perk up with a couple of showers.

No cattle shows, so the prospects are turned out, but that fancy heifer is still pretty close to the barn so she can be coaxed in with a bucket of feed. My close relative is the one who is usually toting the bribe, then brushing and talking to that lovely little lady. Maybe she will be just right at the right time next year.

Jasper Wanewright stopped by the coffee emporium to announce he is tired of wearing a mask. He still had one on, but Mac tried to convince him it was a plus for him, beings as he could use a little facial landscaping!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, we are gonna beat the covid and we will return to somewhat normal in time to come. Who knew we would miss going to the hardware? Grocery and all the other shops are so distant in our memory today! I will eat a carrot, be kind and pray for a vaccine that is safe and advise you to do the same!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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