S Granny's Simple Blessings craft fair Saturday

GRAVETTE -- Holly Wallace, owner of Granny's Simple Blessings at 408 Main Street N.W. in the west edge of Gravette, has announced she will host a craft fair at her shop this Saturday. The fair will feature 10 or more vendors selling items on the grounds, as well as a pumpkin patch and other special events. Continue Reading »

S Police report domestic violence, drug arrests

GENTRY -- Police arrested Jerry Ball, 59, of Gentry, on Friday in connection with domestic battery in the second degree, a Class C felony alleged to have occurred late on Thursday. Continue Reading »

S Cleanup planned at Decatur Cemetery

DECATUR -- As part of the ongoing beautification project, the Decatur Cemetery Committee will hold a cleanup day Oct. 3 from 9 a.m. until dusk at the Decatur Cemetery on Roller Ave. Continue Reading »

S Obituaries

Paul Jack Byers Continue Reading »

S What do I know about the end times?

Though it doesn't happen often, I was recently asked by a friend in the newspaper business for my take on a world event and how that fit into the prophesies of the Scripture regarding end times. His take was apparently based on an entirely different view regarding the end times than mine -- a view which is rooted in dispensationalism and includes a secret rapture, a tribulation period and a millennial kingdom here in this world. Continue Reading »

S Nodding off in church is forgiven if your head jerks you back into reality

I had not planned to spend the weekend doing hard work, but things go awry around here pretty often. I know I had bragged about the fall calf crop and I still think they are pretty nice; but that one old cow, the last one due, just could not make the normal birthing occur. Therefore, it was a long and sleepless weekend on the rock pile. Continue Reading »

S Total eclipse of supermoon provides rare show on Sunday

GENTRY -- Local residents, if they went outside on Sunday evening, got a rare view of a supermoon eclipse. The combination of a supermoon and a total eclipse has not occurred for 30 years and will not occur again for another 18 years. The total lunar eclipse covered the closer-than-usual face of the man in the moon for more than an hour. The supermoon is the result of the moon's elliptical orbit around the earth. Continue Reading »

S I still remember the night of the great gas leak

I suppose every family has its embarrassing moments. We certainly had our share growing up. I remember one experience in particular when I was about 10 years old. By that time, my oldest sister, Jean, was married and my oldest brother, Don, was in the Marines serving in Vietnam. So, still at home was my older brother, Dennis, myself, my next younger brother, Bruce. Then came my brother, Scott, then my youngest sister, Penny, and last of all, the baby of the family, David, who was just a toddler. Continue Reading »

S Yes, fall is officially here

It's here! Yes, according to the calendar, fall is officially here. The youngsters have settled into the daily routine at school and football season is well underway. We're still getting warm sunny days, but cooler nights seem to be here to stay. Continue Reading »

S Love is doing more than demanded

"You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic, let him have your cloak also. And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away." Matthew 5:38-42 Continue Reading »

S ... About Town with Mayor Bob Tharp

Have you ever driven from Decatur to Siloam Springs and suddenly became aware that you had absolutely missed the trip? What an awakening experience! We are creatures of habit and the habit might have been that the roads we travel are safe, comfortable and simple pleasure to drive. Continue Reading »

S Parking deck a possibility for XNA

HIGHFILL -- Parking is tight at Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, and a parking garage to be built in the next few years might be the solution. Continue Reading »

S Senior Center Menus

Week of October 5-9 Continue Reading »

S Maysville EH News

MAYSVILLE -- Eleven members and three guests met at the community building for the September Economic Homemakers Club meeting and noon meal. The meeting was called to order by Orpha Wardlaw. Jane Wilber welcomed everyone. Melinda Crawley led the group in singing "God Bless America," and Dianna Afuvai led the Pledge of Allegiance. Inspiration was given by Melinda, on the Harvest. Continue Reading »

S Pea Ridge proves too much for Gentry

PEA RIDGE --The Blackhawks swooped down on the visiting Pioneers Friday night, sending them home with a with a 72-34 loss. Zaine Holley rushed for 337 yards and seven touchdowns to lead Pea Ridge to the convincing win. Continue Reading »

S Hometown Events

Charter School Meeting Continue Reading »

S Thank you to parents of Decatur School District

Editor, Continue Reading »

S Decatur student faces fight against cancer

DECATUR -- It is a worst nightmare come true for parents to have a doctor tell them their child has cancer. They know a long and difficult fight lies ahead for their loved one. But this is the scenario facing one of Decatur's families. Continue Reading »

S City council approves Vybranz agreement

GRAVETTE -- In a short council meeting Thursday night, Gravette City Council voted to approve an agreement between the city and Vybranz, a Prosper, Texas, firm. According to the agreement, Vybranz will furnish "expense management, cost reduction, billing auditing, billing review and recovery, procurement, consulting services and advice" as requested by the city. Continue Reading »

S Fall cleanup set for Oct. 6 and Oct. 8

GRAVETTE -- The annual citywide fall cleanup is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 6, in Gravette and Thursday, Oct. 8, in Hiwasse. The two citywide cleanups each year provide citizens an opportunity to dispose of unwanted items that are normally too large for the regular city trash pickup service. Curbside pickup of large items will be available in each town on those days. Continue Reading »

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