Photo by Mike Eckels A tractor pulls several large tree limbs off Arkansas Highway 12 near the Springtown Cemetery. The limbs fell across the highway during a violent windstorm July 23. Traffic was halted on the major thoroughfare between Gentry and Highfill for 45 minutes while local farmers and Highfill city workers cleared the debris.
Photo by Randy Moll A little persistence paid off and fish began to bite at the pond in the new Flint Creek Nature Area as children enjoyed fishing and other learning activities during the “Kids in the Woods” event held there last week. One excited group of young fishermen shows off fish caught in a matter of minutes once the fish started biting.
Photo by Randy Moll Mason Musich paints a rock during the “Kids in the Woods” event last week at the new Flint Creek Nature Area.
Photo by Mike Eckels A Rogers Mountie player gets caught in a Bulldog sandwich as Victor Urquidi (left) and Jay Porter (right) fight to gain possession of the basketball during the Rogers/Decatur game July 24 at the Gentry High School gym.
Photo by Susan Holland High winds uprooted a tree at the home of Billy Reynolds, 408 5th Avenue S.E., in Gravette. The tree fell into electrical power lines, snapping off part of a nearby pole. This was only one of several trees in town which interfered with electrical lines, causing temporary power outages.
Photo by Randy Moll Tom Krein shows some cherry tomatoes gown in his community garden located in front of his knife-making business on Main Street last week.
A tiger-swallowtail butterfly visits one of many spikes of native blazing star which grows wild in Gentry Prairie.
A bee looks for nectar in a passion flower earlier this summer at Gentry Prairie.
Kenny Ray Horton
Kenny Ray Horton
Photo by Mike Eckels With Kitty (right) and Kate (left) leading the way, Greg Cripps (center) guides his mule-powered mechanical mower over a field of uncut hay during a demonstration on his farm west of Gentry July 24.
Photo by Randy Moll After returning from a soccer camp at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kan., Amber Ellis, a Gentry sophomore, practiced kicking in goals Monday morning of last week while her mother, Jennifer, tended the net. Amber broke the state record for the number of goals scored in a season during her freshman year. She wouldn’t mind breaking her own record next season but said she would really like her team to take first in state play.
Photo by Mike Eckels The grill master stands watch over chicken halves Aug. 3, 2013, during the 60th Annual Decatur Barbecue at Veterans Park in Decatur.
Photo from the archive of the Decatur Public Library Vicki Tilley was crowned Miss Decatur Barbecue of 1979. Tilley was one of only six title holders from Decatur.