S Gravette football coach reports lower numbers

GRAVETTE — Gravette coach Bill Harrelson is fighting the same issue a lot of schools across the state are — low numbers. The Lions opened practice earlier this month with about 36 players, which Harrelson said is about 15-16 fewer than what the program normally has. "We're normally at 50-52 players," Harrelson said. "Last year we had 52, but even that was down." Harrelson said he could not pinpoint one particular reason why the participation numbers are lower, but cited several factors as likely causes. "Football is not for everybody," he said. "We all know that. I feel like we sugar-coat it as much as we can, but we've got what we've got." The fear of concussions and the potential for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy are factors that many coaches across the country are saying is driving down the number of high school football players. But Harrelson said he does not believe that is the case at Gravette.... Continue Reading »

S Lady Bulldog volleyball set to begin Aug. 22.

DECATUR -- The 2017 Decatur Lady Bulldog volleyball team spent the summer months honing skills in order to prepare for the second full conference season. Continue Reading »

S Decatur hires three coaches for football program

DECATUR -- The future of the Decatur High School football program looks a little brighter this coming season with the hiring of a new head coach and two assistants. Still, the program is plagued with the lack of numbers, something the coaches hope to change. Continue Reading »