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    OPINION: Fall in love with naps

    You've probably heard the expression, "You snooze, you lose," but we'd argue quite the opposite. No one is suggesting you pass out in the Catskill Mountains fo…

  • OPINION: 9 Steps to community revitalization

    Revitalizing a small community's economy and vibrancy requires a multi-tiered approach that utilizes its strengths, addresses weaknesses, and fosters sustainab…

  • OPINION: Navigating grief and how to cope

    In February, when we talk about the heart, it's often related to being struck by Cupid's arrow. However, people are also hit by feelings of loss every day.

  • Put off sometimes is best

    Do you sometimes put things off? Now, why would the old 'cuffer ask a question like that? Readers already know the old 'cuffer is one of the biggest procrastin…

  • OPINION: Why do Democrats want you to hate Putin?

    Two years ago, Tucker Carlson asked, "Why do Democrats want you to hate Putin? Has Putin shipped every middle-class job in your town to Russia? Did he manufact…