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— Where in the world did the sunshine go and why are the trees turning colors? Oh, I get it now; it is fall and someone must have stolen summer or what was left of it. I sure don’t remember living through it! I have been put to work by that close relative of mine fixing up all the flower containers, raking leaves, clipping dead stalks and generally cleaning and putting away all the fun summer stuff.

My oldest Grand had been hanging around all weekend wanting to go fishing but no, we had work to do. The apple pie his Grannie made him quieted him down some but he was disappointed, I could tell. A boy just needs to fish and needs it bad with his Grandpa. I needed it too, but maybe next weekend.

I got a lot of rain, had a five inch gauge and it ranover. I am thankful that was all that ran over on our place. One of the neighbors had a pond in his basement and I guess the feller who lives in the trailer down in Little Rabbit Holler was moved around some when the current took hold of his domicile. His pickup was removed and they found it wedged against a tree yesterday morning.

Had to have the vet out to deliver a calf by C-section on Friday. The little varmint hip locked. Got the calf and the cow is fine so I suppose I will recoup the cost when I sell the calf weighing about six or seven hundred pounds. Of course, you gotta figure in the feed, feed for the cow,taxes on the land, wear and tear on the truck, hay equipment and, well, this could go on and on. Anyway, I always enjoy visiting with the vet. He warned me about getting Snip his West Nile vaccination and me taking a flu shot.

My close relative has promised to take me to the big city for the ranch rodeo this fall. Sure sounds like fun to me and I think I can relax about leaving the place for a few days. I have wanted to go many times that I felt like we had to stay home and take care of things. I never could feel comfortable leaving Dog and Snip in someone’s care.Lots of men will check cattle but they seem to forget to feed dogs and horses.

The offspring seem to be handling more and more of the chores and staying hooked up longer hours every year. I guess they are maturing, just before they turned rancid! Our female offspring stays busy with her family but she is always available to do things for us. Sorta nice to see some of the hard years of raising them start to pay off. I wondered a few times!!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, taking time out and leaving a feller’s safety zone is good for you, once in awhile. I can hardly wait to attend the ranch rodeo and if you have never seen one youare really missing the fun. I don’t think I will even gripe at the cost of the trip. Well, maybe just a grunt or two but I will keep it to a minimum!

Opinion, Pages 4 on 10/21/2009

Print Headline: OPINION? Everybody Has One!!

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