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I am back to my old habits and thankful for the cleared air around town. I fed some hay this morning and headed for the coffee emporium for a rest and a visit. The place was a welcoming sight and sound. There was a low hum around the table with some slurping of coffee, and I was so tickled to be there!

I pulled up a chair and the crowd took turns saying howdy to me, nodding their approval at my presence. I got a shoulder squeeze from Sally the waitress as she thought I had died or moved. I got a slab of peach pie and it was so good, the pie and the company. I am convinced that my Pappy was right again, wait it out and things will run their course!

Lewis Crown was absent this morning. Potts Emerson said Lewis will be back when he feels better, got awful sick last week.

I had a meeting of the minds with the family last weekend. I am tired of being second guessed and we had a discussion about the mess it causes. My close relative tuned up and put her opinions out to be chewed on and that is a sign things need to change. We get so used to doing things the way we think is right, and the proof in the pudding comes in as a surprise. I am old and experienced, still able to get around pretty well, and in my close relative's words, the boss.

I told the offspring to cement in the posts for the gate and they decided it wasn't necessary. I told them to leave the steers in the leased pasture, plenty of grass and water there, and they didn't. I found steers out in the ditch when I finally found the pasture where they had been moved. The fence on the west side was not even a fence, just a wire attached to a post. We can't run this outfit with all thinking about ski trips and football games.

Sure do enjoy knowing the offspring are here, working on the rock pile that my close relative and I have poured our young lives into, making a living and living close. We are so glad that dinner time is spent together many times during the week, but they act like novice, just hired on, inexperienced cowboys wanting the fun of the drive!

OK, I am through carrying on and hope they are done with their foolishness! I guess it is always gonna be my place until I am dead and gone before they realize it is their place.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, the weather for growing calves and getting all the bovine in shape for the winter has been just about perfect. A little more moisture would be a welcomed thing, but the grass and blue skies are sure enough a big blessing. Helping yourself to what the good Lord gives freely is what we do, and then we all gotta do some knee time in thankfulness.

Keep your eyes peeled for truant deer. The dang things are poised and ready to run out in front of traffic. It is a dare from the gang leader!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette area author of this weekly column.

Editorial on 11/23/2016

Print Headline: I wish the offspring would realize I'm still the boss

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