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Howdy! I am so tickled to be out here on the prairie and far away from the city life we hear about. I like nothing better than looking across the pasture and seeing cattle, not buildings. I do not understand the need to take pictures of the skyline of cities. That's another thing that you can mark down that I do not get.

That reminds me that there is a multitude of things I do not get. I don't understand wanting to run in front of a herd of bulls, climb a mountain that sure could get you killed on the way up or down, swim with sharks or handle rattlesnakes. I think raising kids is enough of a danger for me, and He knows I sweated the job many times! It is a killer ride from the birth of one to the death of the said parent.

I don't understand the need to hold a phone in your hand and keep on checking to see if someone has sent you a message. I don't get it about the need to watch all that junk on the phone that has been sent by someone else. I like to turn off the radio and TV as we eat meals and talk to each other, and I sure don't get the need to ask someone to put down his or her phone at the table!

I am certain we should educate and provide food and housing for our offspring, but I don't get allowing them to camp there forever! I don't get paying bail for those selling drugs or robbing the corner station or liquor store. I think consequences are part of all we do. If you plant corn, you get corn. If you plant thistles, don't be surprised when thistles come up!

This rant was brought on by watching the news. Dang news is always full of bad stuff and silly acts performed by folks that should know better. Grown men can do some of the most senseless things. And, you know what is even harder to understand than the things they do? They make money doing it! Lord, help us all. I am baffled about so many acts that my close relative has threatened to lock the TV and only allow me to see Gunsmoke.

I was plumb tickled to go to church last Sunday. We have attended the same church for many years and the tears and joys of life have been shared there. Do you know what happened last Sunday? We had to sing songs from pictures on the wall throwing up words. My hymnal just sat there in the rack in front of me, and I squinted and tried to sing along but it didn't sound pretty!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, the elders of this country knew their business. Along about this time of the year, the grandmas of the families would start producing the thick, old, bad tasting stuff that would cause cramps and make you wish you had never had one bad thought! All in the family would line up and take their dose, especially the cranky old grandpas who were about my age. Yes, I do get it, and that is probably what I need!

February is knocking and the spring calves will hit the ground soon. Be ready!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 02/07/2018

Print Headline: The elders of this country knew their business

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