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We all know we like to eat bacon, smell bacon and sop up bacon gravy. We crave ham and all the fixings, eat ham sandwiches and then there are those pork chops! We love the thick cut ones grilled to perfection and the country style pork ribs slathered with good old sauce! I mean to tell you we sure like our pork. Those little critters are not so pretty to look at but they sure make fine eating.

I just wanted to mention the fact that some wonderful things are also associated with some things not so great. Just to think about.

The rain is causing the grass to want to sprout up and turn green. I have always loved the rain and so does the grass. A week of warm water and some of us begin to believe it is spring. It isn't yet, and the northerner following the rain certainly lets us know! But, in just a few weeks, we will be blessed again.

The calves are doing well. I sure was concerned about the due dates but, so far, so good. We have used the maternity stall several times just to be sure and mostly to keep ourselves comfortable. These bovine ladies produce the way God intended them to do and most need no human help or interference.

My close relative is recovering from a sprained ankle. She slipped on the wet steps at the back door and twisted her leg pretty bad. I have had to do the duty around here so we are out of all the easy stuff. My female offspring will bring in some more pizza, lasagna and lunch meat this afternoon. We do well at breakfast because I am a whiz at bacon and eggs, toast, and no biscuits; but lunch and supper are a little more demanding.

I have been very careful to take excellent care of the patient, applying an ice pack and then heating pad and offering to assist to a more comfortable seat or help to her lie down. I want her to get well very fast, out of devotion, of course!

New Ag magazine came last Friday and I am learning all kinds of new things, mostly how much better one dewormer is than another. I am amazed at how many million articles can be printed about the need to properly diagnose abortions in cattle. I guess we are a forgetful bunch of cowpokes.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, this is the worst time of the year. The big holidays are past, the weather is cold and the days are dark most of the time. The work is hard because of the conditions, and money is tight -- always worse this time of year.

We who are planning to keep on raising beef are thinking about fertilizers, lime and reseeding. The costs are staggering, plus the fact so much of the machinery we depend on will need new parts and overhauling. So, fellers, take a deep breath and pray. This will surely end and the cattle market will likely rebound sometime!

Grin, it helps to keep your blood flowing!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 02/28/2018

Print Headline: This is the worst time of the year!

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