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Someday when I get rich I am gonna take the entire week off and go to one of those big fancy ranches that raise the cattle you see in the slick breed books. I was waiting on a salesman in the tractor dealership and sat down by some magazines, picked one up and was amazed. They have barns covering ten acres and all kinds of facilities to use for taking care of their cattle. I was turning green with envy when the feller showed up to help me. All I wanted was a tire for my close relative's lawn mower.

I was thinking of my reaction to the big ranches as I drove home. I don't think of myself as an envious man, wanting other folk's things. The Bible I read says that is sinful, and I usually don't even notice the finer things enough to wish they were ours. I know I am more than happy with the rock pile and all the material stuff, the family and the health we enjoy! Sure makes me wonder about myself, and I find it disturbing to see that green in my makeup. I am gonna try to get rid of that!

I changed my thought pattern and was pretty blank, as you know us men can be, just driving along. I began to notice some of the homes along the road and then realized the homes were more like shacks than homes. I have passed that area many times and not really looked. The little settlement is not over half a mile long, and yet there must be 10 or 12 buildings people inhabit in that area. The scene hit me right between the eyes. How reckless we can be with our thoughts and desires. I was not only questioning my envy, I was ashamed of it.

I made it home, a really nice home too, and unloaded a tire to go on the fancy riding lawn mower. I used tools to put the tire on; all I needed were available. I worked in a shop building, had good lights and a cement floor and the job was easy. Some folks don't even have a yard to mow.

The cattle are doing good in this changing weather. We have eight calves on the ground and the others are near! The grass is not missing a lick to grow every night and I am one thankful beef producer, even the ponds are full. We got another cutting of three big hay fields and looks like winter can come on now.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, I am sure the most-helped feller in the state. The offspring gathered up over the weekend and put the yard fence back in place, repaired the flower beds and hosed down some of the messes the heifers made. We had a nice big dinner, the homemade ice cream was great, and I promised a fine chicken coop to appear next spring. I felt lots better and the extra bowl of cobbler ala mode helped, too!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 09/12/2018

Print Headline: I am sure the most-helped feller in the state

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