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Isn't it ironic that Bella Vista and all 50 states are suffering from a rare, yet similar, malady? Just turn on the tube or look at the headlines and what do you hear or see? That's right! A situation has evolved that affects Bella Vista, and what could be considered a similar situation is challenging or affecting a broad segment of the three hundred million citizens who call the U.S.A. home. "And what is that?" you ask.

In both cases, it is an "underground development" that is causing confusion, concern and almost a feeling of helplessness. In our neighboring community, the problem is smoke. And in the U.S.A.? It is a different type of smoke. One is caused by a burning bunch of tree stumps; the other is an explosion of ideas that could, and would, threaten our democratic form of government. Both are from an underground that has been smoldering for some time. Both are unhealthy; the BV smoke could be tainted with fumes from who knows what that has been dumped at an earlier date. The underground motive and movement toward converting our nation to socialism is a smoke that has been festering through misguided and outright untruthful beliefs so that a utopia of social reconstruction of free this and free that would be the result.

How tragic that so many of our younger generation(s) are captured by a "freedom" full of frees which would eventually change our nation into the last three letters of freedom: "DOM." Make that doom. It, "DOM," socialism, always gives way to a dogmatic form of government with a dictatorial system that controls every movement of its society. Does America want that? It could take very few generations of free this and that and that to result in a society of total dependence on ruling everyone's lives by ... who knows what or who.

The malady at Bella Vista is monitored and a solution to putting an end to that stump smoke; and free fresh spring air will be able to be enjoyed. But what about that malady that is creeping into the thought process of so many of the members of our nation's governing bodies? Is it possible to head off the potentially disastrous result before it festers to a wound that could evolve into a free this and that and that belief? Every action that removes the real free from our freedom brings socialism a step closer. In our present democracy, that could occur in a very few generations ... since the groundwork by many of the social programs and ideas is already in place. Compassion and assistance are the real tenets of our society, which is a real tribute to a generous population. But a free this and that and that goes beyond the work ethic that has made America the greatest self-governing body in history. It is possible because our people believe that nothing is ever free, for a cost can never be covered if everything is free.

Making sure that arm wavers and hand gestures are not answers to any problems that exist, and admittedly there are some. It is muscle and work, not waving arms and free-floating hands that solve problems. Our republic/democracy has worked well the past 200-plus years because our forefathers rolled up their sleeves and got their hands calloused and sore. It's our turn.

'Nuff of that. Just a little fact and promise that socialism is not an answer ... it is a virus that too easily can infect the breath of a nation unless we inject ourselves with pride and promise for our good old U.S.A.

Smoke? A different kind? Fortunately, some action is to be taken to better protect our youth from those nicotine/bubble gum things that are creating another generation of nicotine users. It's about -- NO -- well past time!

Postage stamp garden report? It'll get dry enough to think about that soon, I hope. But isn't it great to see the grass green, the trees beginning to grow next fall's raking job, getting the bass boat ready and, yes, even checking that old cane pole for some bank fishing. There are still plenty of worms. And so far, only a tick or two, but fortunately no chiggers yet. It's time to get out the hammock, get out the ladder and wash the windows (whoops, I just guaranteed my next job) and try out four or five new remedies to rid the entire country of moles. Any ideas?

The redbud trees are showing color and it won't be long until the dogwood festival in Siloam Springs. And even more important, kids in Decatur, Gentry and Gravette can really begin to look forward to those sizzling/swimming days of summer.

Dodie Evans is the former owner and long-time editor of The Gravette News Herald.

Editorial on 04/10/2019

Print Headline: Smoke? From stumps to bubble gum

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