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The highly educated seniors at the coffee emporium were in fine fettle this morning. They were all threatening to send in their names, or other folk's names, to the highly educated mating service for matchup girlfriends! Franklin DeBleum was the one laughing the hardest and wiping the tears out of his eyes as he tried to stop. He is 83 and has not a tooth in his head, not a hair on it and plenty of education in it! He is a Yale graduate.

It was a circus to observe as the fellers who are so solemn and sorta grizzly laughed and one after another thought of a funny quip. I suppose living out in the wild as we do sorta makes us unaware of the problems of the highly educated city folks. I don't know of a time I enjoyed more than listening and watching as they entertained each other.

We are a busy bunch and my time spent at the round table was short. I drank coffee and hightailed it out to make the rest of the count of worthless old hides. Yes, worthless according to the market. I counted and came up short on heifers, so it took the rest of the morning to cipher out my miscount and find the wandering three off in the one little area of trees bothering a possum. You can always be surprised by animals. Who would have thought that a hissing possum would have been of interest to yearling heifers?

The second cutting will be ready soon and we are anxious to see what the result will provide. I know I am hopeful for a good August and September with some intermittent rain. This is so far an amazing year and I don't want to be greedy, but I have seen us in trouble by this month and feeding hay.

The grands are all away with horses this week on the last hurrah before school. They are dreading giving up their summer of hours in the saddle and hitting the books again. I will miss their antics and sweet laughter during the day as they have been pretty near us all summer. My close relative will sure have to slow down on the amount of food she prepares for lunch. She dreads school more than the grands. The silence around the place is deafening!

Made myself look better than usual when I got a haircut and new boots in town last week. I figure the good boots are gonna have to be work boots and the new ones will be for Sunday and town! Didn't get a new hat; my felt hat is still like new and it is just beginning to fit my head.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, we are really blessed because we have good neighbors. We sure enjoy knowing that they are all decent folks, mostly church members and about all of them raising a family. The closeness of this community is beginning to be a novelty instead of the common thing. We don't have to live right next to the other feller to care what he is going through in life and be there to extend the hand and help him. Yes, sir, I admit I am blessed and hope you are, too!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 08/07/2019

Print Headline: We are really blessed because we have good neighbors

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