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I got the tractor stuck again this morning. That little draw where we have stacked tons of rocks washed out. Yep, the water pushed the boulders down the draw and, eventually, we will have a mini Grand Canyon. If I learn how to landscape, we will fix it up and start tours!

The offspring pulled me out with the old hay truck. I was glad we had new worn-out tires on it and the old thing is so dang reliable that I hesitate to retire it! I finished hauling out hay in the home pasture and took the truck to finish the haying.

The rain is wonderful, the ground is wet pretty deep and springs are getting replenished. I did not connect the headquarters to the county water, we just depend on the well and, when the weather gets dry, I worry. So many folks have drilled wells and so many ag businesses have started that I suspect water will be pretty valuable in the future. Besides, the rain is not snow and ice, for which I am grateful!

We sorted cows again last week and ran them through the chute to check them out. Turned bulls in with the lower end of the bunch and prepared the upper end for AI insemination. I always get excited when we start getting the fall calving cows ready to go. We have some good young heifers, and I am anxious to see what they will produce. My close relative enjoys looking at the heifers and comparing them to the records so she can see from whence they came. Remember, she was the top hand around here for years and she knew all the old cows.

I made it to the roundtable at the coffee emporium after noon today. The board members were filing back in slowly after going home to badger their close relatives and eat lunch. I never believe the tales they tell about their bossing abilities at their homes because I know their next of kin too, and they are not very boss-able!

We talked about the state of the world, Russia is a big topic and most of the fellers know how they would handle it and get it done fast! Public hangings are brought up occasionally and would also work for cleaning out the swamp. I didn't stay long enough to get it all handled as I wanted to get some mineral out before dark.

The feed store was full of fellers holding session in the back. The stacks of feed in front will never be sold because they have been used for benches so long the pellets have become dust and the ones with corn have meal instead. The owner knows and he is aware that it is good for business to be a provider of the gathering area. I find a different bunch of fellers here from the coffee emporium, and the talk is a little different. Subject matter sometimes coincides but the answer to problems is usually unique.

I got the mineral out and was home before dark, which is still too dang early. My pickup dash is getting so full I thought about straightening it up but decided better. My close relative will start on the subject soon, as after the ringing in of the new year she rings in the tax season!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, I am looking forward to a good year. The grass will start pretty soon, spring calves will appear and we live in the best part of this old world! We have more than plenty, you can tell we eat good by looking, and no one is homeless in our neighborhood. I guess I should call it our community, and for that I am thankful. We give time and effort to help our neighbors, churches and schools. Just look around and see how fortunate you are! Most everyone smiles some during the day; you might miss it but you know they did it at least once! I, for one, am mighty glad I live here!

Don't drive over any place that looks solid, it won't be!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 01/09/2019

Print Headline: I am looking forward to a good year

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