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My neighbors have a sign in their yard, Black Lives Matter. Absolutely, I agree. All lives matter, I think most of you would agree, unless you are a Democrat in New York or New Jersey who voted to allow infants to be killed at the moment of full-term birth if the mother wanted an abortion.

I saw a shirt worn in a Gay Pride parade with the words, "Real Science Matters." Certainly, it does! Unless it is fake science that ignores the newest discoveries that call into question the professor's anti-God bias.

I recently read the scholarly book, Genesis and the Big Bang, by Gerald Schroeder, Ph.D. It reinforced my belief that, properly understood, the Bible and modern science are not in contradiction. It is only when we don't know the full scientific picture, or we misinterpret something in the Bible, that there seems to be a contradiction.

But what about academics who stick their heads in the sand and ignore the newest findings of science? Our schools and textbooks are filled with out-of-date facts. Secularized teachers are happy to continue using misinformation to ingrain nonsense into our children's heads. For instance, they brainwash kids into thinking the origin of life was due to random events. This knowingly flies in the face of scientific data which shows there has not been enough time since the formation of the earth 4.5 billion years ago for the proteins of life to originate by accident.

These atheistic scientists and humanistic teachers are not merely wrong. They are arrogant. They "suppress the truth by their wickedness." (Romans 1:19 NIV) This is not right. Children deserve to know that God is gloriously revealed in his creation.

Humanists and atheists are equally glad to remove God from the picture. If there is no Creator, then there is no deity to answer to now or after death; no Eternal Judge, no basis for absolute morality or true justice. Everything devolves down to human rights or self-interest rather than a divine standard such as the Ten Commandments or "love your neighbor as yourself." If there is no God of the Bible, then Jesus was a false prophet, a phony, a charlatan, rather than the Son of God who became human in order to reveal the Father to us and to save us from our sins.

I recently watched a computer-generated graphic on YouTube. It depicted the real-time activity of miniature molecular machines inside human cells as they folded protein chains. Protein molecules were being sorted and combined by DNA to make more living parts of the cell. They are as complicated as an automobile assembly line. These actions occur constantly millions of times every moment inside our bodies. Darwin knew nothing of the complexity of the cell.

These animated sketches of molecular machines were created by Dave Berry. Jordan Peterson shared them on YouTube. What fascinated me was how the protein molecules literally traveled along dynamic scaffolding inside the cell, moving along miniature microtubules. The design is intricate, flawless and complex to the nth degree. No bioengineer has been able to come close to reproducing in a laboratory what nature does effortlessly. DNA contains biological digital code that generates life. It is information. Information only comes from a person. Only Intelligence could give us DNA. Whenever DNA inside a cell multiplies, one strand is duplicated going forward, the other is replicated in reverse. It can't happen randomly. The irrefutable fact is, it takes DNA to make DNA. It takes proteins to make proteins. Only a fool can see this marvel and choose not to glorify God.

Ron Wood is a writer and minister. Email him at or visit Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 07/10/2019

Print Headline: Real Science matters

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