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Splendor was certainly here. We paraded, shot off about a hundred dollars worth of fireworks and ate a good many watermelons while swatting mosquitoes! We started last Wednesday and, by Friday, I was worn out and old Dog was not sure he could trust anyone or anything ever again.

But, this is the important thing! We saluted the men and women who made us free and left us to protect that precious thing so covered by the blood of many.

We listened to the Declaration again, prayed for our leaders, shook hands with some who promised to lead in a decent way, and sang The Star Spangled Banner. We stood with our hands over our hearts pledging to honor and protect what has been won for us. I have a difficult time not being judgmental right here, but I refuse to integrate hatefulness in here so close to honor.

Hay is down, several fields of hay are trying to dry in this heat. The heat is good for the hay, but the ground seems to send up moisture, and the humidity is high. When the old hides get hungry, they will eat it even if it appears to be mostly straw. The hay fields were really something to see this year, tall and thick and ready to cut. Remember when it was so dry we didn't even get a second cutting? Now, we must not be carrying on and whining, just roll with the flow!

I was commissioned, by my close relative, to run the string trimmer around the flower beds while she continued cooking fried chicken and baked beans. I didn't have any important stuff to do, so I flew into the job and was kind of enjoying the change of pace. I felt something on my leg and looked. I want you to know if there is a snake within getting distance, it will get me! That monster was about a foot long and starting up my leg, I screamed like a little girl, kicked so high that my feet flew out from under me and the snake flew the same direction as the string trimmer!

The scream brought offspring and my close relative on the double. Some laughter ensued, a cocked eyebrow and a lecture about throwing the expensive tools around followed, and finally someone asked if I was gonna be alright! I was, at that moment, finished with trimming.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, being rude is a natural reaction and one we have to control. We try to teach our youth to behave and always be kind and thoughtful. I am not delighted when our own offspring are so rude as to laugh at their parents in the face of danger, so I related this little story.

JW Swartz had a mule that he hunted on and he loved the mule. But the mule kicked his close relative and put her in the hospital. JW went to a mule sale to buy a mule and was asked why he needed another one.

"If there is anything I can't stand, it is rudeness and a rude mule is a dead mule!"

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 07/10/2019

Print Headline: Rudeness is a natural reaction we need to curb

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