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The turkey was cooked and the goodies were stacked everywhere in my close relative's kitchen. She had the turkey deboned and ready because the ham was gonna have to be done on the day, and therefore all the pies, cakes and cookies were also taken care of. I knew I smelled bread baking and, sure enough, I caught that cook with the center of her clothes caked with flour and her face with smudges of the same. Yep, homemade rolls were on the menu!

I anticipate holidays with the same eagerness I had as a kid. I try not to let it show, like jumping up and down or giggling, but I feel it just the same! The idea of family gathering around the table and into the rest of the home is just about as exciting as it was all those years ago. We are sure blessed and we know it!

The chores were easy this morning -- not one old hide in the hospital pen; the limping cow, Lucy, is doing fine and if she was not doing fine she would be on her way to the big arches! The bullpen, which always and every day could be a wreck just because it is full of testosterone, was in fine shape and all were behaving. All the horses, and now there are way more than I ever thought we would stall, were caught and stalled so all who wanted could easily catch one and ride. The offspring had agreed to split up the cow counting, so I was done early and back to the job of breathing in the aroma!

I cleaned me up, put on the clothes I found laid out on the bed for someone who would wear my size, so I dutifully changed into them. I did carefully put the old slightly worn pants in the cubby hole of my side of the closet so I could wear them again. Shaved and as presentable as possible, I was ready for the stampede!

I got instructions on where to set up the card table and how to line the chairs up along the wall, how to fold up the rug in the dining room that causes trips to kids, where to put the salt and pepper shakers on the table and then where to take myself and get out of the way. I settled in the chair with the parade on TV and waited for the first sound of alarm from old Dog! Waiting is not my long suit but, finally, it happened and, boy, was I ready!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, this day of Thanksgiving is just a great thing! We have set aside a whole 24 hours to celebrate what the Lord has allowed us to have by His grace and love! I have so much to be thankful for it will take the entire day and then some to think of it all! I sure hope you are so blessed and your family is well! Great thing, this holiday of turkey and trimmings!

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving! Praise God for our blessings!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 11/27/2019

Print Headline: This day of Thanksgiving is just a great thing!

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