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I do not have a fancy cell apparatus that I lovingly hold in my hand and look at tenderly every 15 seconds and during all meals, conversation and church sermons. I have had a child that I was the sire of in my hands that I did that with but even a little human that I sure liked could be put down while we ate a meal. I did not look at the kid, that little human, while I was taking care of business around the place, and they seemed to flourish just fine.

My little $40 phone is great for calling for help when I am in a mess and can't undo myself. It is also great if someone needs me real fast -- not quick because I am not quick, but I can be pretty fast. I do not need to take pictures of all my meals or the slabs of pie I eat at the coffee emporium. Just use the telephone part of my phone and it is handy. I never babysit it.

My close relative has a basket at the door for deposits as the family enters our home. If they hear a real ring like a real call, they are welcome to go answer it. Otherwise, the dang thing stays in the basket!

The cattle market will cause headaches if you follow it real close. What a feller needs to do is just raise them, market them, enjoy life and take what you get! I know some of the big boys are more astute with their business and work constantly on selling on a future date, but I have found that I ain't cut out for that. We have managed pretty well and sometimes the future looked pretty dim, but we are not gonna quit! That market will fluctuate for the rest of time, and I am not gonna let it rule my life.

Let me add this, I was pretty sick over the price of the two steers we recently sent to town. They did not bring enough to pay for the rubber worn off the tires hauling them to the sale barn! But I don't have to look at them and that should be worth something. It won't pay the electricity bill but it soothes my soul when I don't have to look at what would be about a number three Okie in the sale at San Angelo. And my close relative is always ahead in the grocery department, so we won't starve.

The fall calves have been deposited and they sure boost a feller's pride. The grass is still green and thick, and the calves are bouncing all over the place. We lost one that was stillborn and, so far, that is the only loss. We did not have to assist any births and, if we had fed in the evening as I have heard, we might not have had to check so many nights. The alarm at 4 is not as terrible as the alarm at 2 a.m., and we did take turns. Thankful for the offspring!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, every day is exciting, and I am glad to open my eyes after a good night's rest and see that I am still alive. Our Lord is an understanding and patient feller who allows us, me mostly, to gripe and moan, but I am proud to be a dot on His map. Daylight can bring on a million different things and some of them are sweet and some aren't, but we are able!

Stay able. Keep on going forward. And get ready for a hard winter!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 10/09/2019

Print Headline: I'm glad to open my eyes in the morning

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