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I am pleased to report the hens are all fine! I am pleased to report that I am so tired of eggs for breakfast that I have threatened to go to the coffee emporium for breakfast if things are not changed; but as an after note, not in that tone! So, sure enough, I got some pancakes and sausage for the first time since that coop was built.

The business part of this outfit is running along as usual. We are in need of so many things that I am feeling sorta pitiful but we will pull it all together eventually. We need to build a water line to the last pasture that is not supplied with automatic tanks. That is a small thing to do, but I am shocked at the price of the endeavor! I shopped last week at all the farm stores and my close relative looked online for the prices there, and I came away the shocked man of the hour. We seem to get ahead around here for about two hours a year.

I will bite the bullet and buy the stuff and we can rent a ditch digger and get the job done before winter. This summer passed so fast it sucked up dirt in its tailwind. I am very thankful we got the steers sold and they brought the best available but they were born in an upmarket and sold in a down one! I ain't quitting! I am digging in and, like all the fellers around here, we are gonna keep on!

I am not cranky today, even if I sound like it. I just recognize the needs and some days the quantity of them makes me a little weak in the knees. I had the need to cinch up a good horse and so I did and rode the fence lines all afternoon. That fresh air and the outlook between the ears sorta clears things up. Snip is fed too good and ridden seldom, so it was good for both of us.

We will be seeing babies hit the ground in about two weeks and some of the girls are looking like they might deliver a little sooner. We have moved them one pasture closer to the barn and will move them in again in a few days. The offspring have cleaned and sanitized the sick stall and have fresh shavings in the other closed stalls. I guess we are about as ready as a feller can get. I sure look forward to the fall calves, and this year is expected to be better than usual as the grass has been so very good.

Had the family together for the holiday and, of course, we had a good time. I hate to see the grands leave for school again and leave us without their noise and fun. The food is still in the leftover corner of the fridge, and I always wonder if that closer relative of mine will ever stop cooking too much.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, we all look at life differently every day! Days like today I have had a million different thoughts and then been thankful for so many good things. I guess all folks who are in business, farming, ranching, hardware or grocery stores, recognize the stress of keeping things going. Like Minnie Pearl, I am so proud to be here on this little rock pile!

Keep on smiling, it is good exercise!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 09/11/2019

Print Headline: We all look at life differently every day!

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