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The whole country has been warned about the fake news and I have been taken in as bad as anyone. Now the special history channel I watched this evening was doing the same thing! The reporter was in Death Valley and stated it is the hottest place in America. That had to be a big fake statement because I have lived in the hottest place on earth for the last week! It was not Death Valley, but I am afraid some did succumb to the heat and our cattle just stood in the shade.

Now is the time the purple mint will be available to the ones who haven't grazed and, as their old bellies growl, they will taste the noxious weed. Then it continues on until they die. Watch for the patches of it in the lots and the shady places in the pastures. This is sorta like the heroin and addictive drugs that have ruined so many lives in our country. The taste begins to be good and they eat instead of just tasting.

I am cool even if I gripe! Our old air conditioner is running good and for that I am grateful. My close relative would go to a motel rather than live in a hot house and cook meals. She has always been a sweet-natured person but, after a trip to a bank that had the refrigerated air when she was about nine years old, she has known of the ability to cool the house.

We weren't pitiful because we had a fan and when we sold some fescue seed, we bought a ceiling fan. Then we got a box fan and set in the west window and let it suck some air through the house from the north. We thought we were doing well, and we were for sleeping, but the kitchen stayed pretty warm.

One Sunday after church, the ladies were visiting about some business and then they just visited. One of the women -- her husband had inherited the land and some cash and also had a good town job -- said they did have an air conditioner but she didn't even use it because she liked the summer warmth! Then she added she also had a dishwasher but preferred to wash by hand!

My close relative waited for several years for a dishwasher but, you know, we scraped the pastures and sold the calves we gathered that would not work in the herd next year and, yes, we bought an AC unit! The thing lasted several years and kept her kitchen working, therefore it kept me fed!

I've been to the feed store this week and the feed is higher each time. I just buy cake, or cubes, and mineral and try to ration it out somewhat. I know each time you feed a cow you are making money one way or another so I guess I will bite the bullet and keep on doing it!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, this old red, white, and blue democracy is gonna be OK and I will pray for that particular thing. The parents of the generation coming on will spank their children, turning them into humans, and they will bring on sensible laws and make us proud to be around them. We are getting color blind and it will continue on getting better all the time. The government swamps will be drained and a group of folks will fix the stupid laws of paying the lawmakers huge amounts for the rest of their lives! Have faith and, as I said, pray!

Bill is the pen name of the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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