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My shirt was stuck to my back. Sweat had soaked my entire body and I was recalling how impatient I was for warm weather. I wanted spring over and summer on, no more long handles, heavy coats and frozen toes. I dropped the screwdriver as it slid from my hand due to the wetness and the inability to grip tight any longer. Soaked and used, I was sure ready to go to headquarters and slip into the shower!

I started out early the day before yesterday to get some things completed before the heat of the day as it was forecasted to reach the 90s and I did not need that as I worked. I did the barn chores with a light, fed the cats and went to the east place so I could actually fix instead of mend a fence. It was a pretty morning and old Dog was already in a scratched out dirt bed, cool and resting.

I unloaded the wire and started working. No, it was not new wire; it was saved from some job that we did and I rolled it on a spool and stored it. I did buy a new T post in case I needed one and there are no more used ones stacked in the old calf shed. I got the wire on and attempted to stretch it and it snapped. Started over and tied off, partially completed and it was getting warm by then. A working man might perspire and I did. I was very pleased that the top wire was done and looked good. I decided to put new wire for the second strand too.

I got it all started and, as I applied the fence stretchers, it snapped immediately. Starting over, I was wishing I had one or two of the offspring helping. The labor was not intense but the sun was sure warming the area. I sorta wished I hadn't taken that wire down, it was in fair shape and now I was having a job I did not want or need with broken wire again. At least it did not wrap around me when it snapped and slithered!

Therefore my day was spent in the heat, punctuated by rivers of my precious body fluids running into my eyes! I had worked for hours untangling the wire I had so carefully wound around the spool and, by the time I got it off and strung, I had pledged to never do it again!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, being thrifty is very important but being a miser is detrimental to a feller's physical and spiritual health! New wire will last maybe 50 years and I know at least longer than me, and it doesn't cost more than a truck. It will be my choice in the future and I will remember it! Sweat in my eyes sorta makes it indelible and I hope I will adhere to it in the future!

Had a flat on the truck and was half an hour getting the lug nuts off so I could go home!

Sure was glad it wasn't cold weather!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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