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GENTRY -- The Gentry Quarterback Club is a booster club for Gentry Pioneer football fans. All its earnings go back to the football organization as either money toward events for the players such as pizza and a movie night or special purchase items for the football organization like new headsets for the coaches. Those are just some examples.

The new head coach, Justin Bigham, has headed up this football booster club that began in August of this year. There is a yearly membership fee of $30. With the initial membership fee, the new member receives a Quarterback Club T-shirt, a Gentry Pioneer license plate and a yard sign that says, "Proud Supporter of Gentry Pioneer football."

Memberships are available to all fans at the school and in the community.

Along with the yearly membership, members have the opportunity to enjoy Wednesday morning breakfast with the coach at Miss Mary's to discuss the previous and upcoming games. Members also have the right to attend the Quarterback Club monthly meetings and vote on issues. If a member chooses not to attend a meeting, no worries; members will receive the monthly meeting notes via email to stay informed.

This year the Gentry Quarterback Club is starting a new fundraiser that members hope will be an annual event, "Cow Patty Bingo." When the season concludes, let the "chips" land where they may!

The basic idea is pretty straightforward. An enclosed area in a field is marked off into a grid of squares. Each square is given a number. People buy a square. When enough of the squares are sold, a cow or other farm animal is allowed onto the field. Spectators wait "with bated breath" until the cow splats. The owner of the square that receives the first dollop wins.

Each square is $20. The winner will receive $500. The event will be streamed live on the Gentry Senior High Facebook page and the winner will be contacted.

This week is homecoming in Gentry. The Gentry Quarterback Club will have a table up at the game where fans and supporters can purchase a plot for the fundraiser. Fans can also join the Quarterback Club at the same time. The club does accept cash, checks or Venmo payments.

Persons with questions about the Gentry Quarterback Club or the fundraiser can email [email protected]

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