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OPINION: We march on and all to a different drum

April 6, 2021 at 7:49 a.m.

Did I hear you say you liked the new mask mandate? You gonna stop wearing a cover over your face to protect yourself and your family right now? Well, I am gonna cover up my nose and mouth because I went to some of the services for those who died with the covid-19 and I am a believer in the need to live until the final call. I might stop when the new cases in my state go below five per day, but this new case number in the triple digits is enough to keep me wanting to be careful. Thank the Lord we live in America!

The cattle industry is made up of individuals who are all interested in making a living but doing it their way. We want our brand of cattle, on our land, fed like we think is best and we put our best foot forward to make a decent living. The industry provides many niches to fill for the ones who want to progress in the business other than raising the cattle.

There are jobs in the cattle industry that I did not know existed. The ceiling is high for those who are interested and motivated to learn and provide information to the industry. We have learned so much in the last hundred years because many "want to know." Some of our grands have discovered it and are now getting the bug!

The ease we have in knowing the EPDs of so many registered bulls available to us is amazing and would have amazed my pappy. It still amazes me! I want to see the heft of muscles, see him walk and maybe see his calves, but that is no longer the entire picture. The brightest light shines on the educated guess of the EPDs!

Yes, we are hardheaded producers, we like things our way but we want to see our way financially paved with better returns for our decisions. We don't hear of hollow tail disease, doctoring pinkeye with salt, breeding English cows to Jersey bulls to increase milk production anymore. We are educated and thankful for those who want to search, study and provide information to make our best better!

My personal efforts to produce better beef are a slow-moving train. We started with few good genetics and have been able to move ahead to better cattle through the years. I suspect artificial insemination has provided the most important step for our business. We are careful, educated as best we can be, and we know how much worth is provided by each decision, hopefully. Nature will continue to rule and we cannot control it!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, we march on and all to a different drum. My choice is only made by us, me and mine. We try, hope, study and pray for the best results and charge ahead! We know failure, success and regret first hand and are well acquainted with maybe next time. Keep on keeping on!

Be prepared, buy ammo, and "Remember the Alamo!"

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.


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