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OPINION: It's easier to be kind when you really want to be

by Bill | April 14, 2021 at 5:25 a.m.

I am getting a new horse. He is a fifteen-year-old ranch gelding and I am excited to have him here. Snip is now twenty-nine years old and I have retired him. I want him here, I will never fail to feed him as long as I live and he lives. I do not want to cause him any pain or misery and so I have a new ride coming.

George Garret knows this horse and called me about him because he knew I was going to get a good horse when I went shopping. George is one of those fellers who knows horses. I have known him from when he was young and I was just old enough to follow my Pappy. The bloodlines of this animal are dang good and he is a well-trained pony. So, my new horse is a Texan and he will fit here pretty well.

We watched the video of the horse; my close relative wanted to see where her egg and cream money was going. We sure liked him and ordered him delivered forthwith. What a deal for this old man, a new ride and already broke and trained. I am sure glad to find what I was sure I needed and thankful for the help in finding him. I will report later on the delivery and the next experiences!

The cattle are happy. The grass is causing calves to drink onion-flavored milk and the cows are nasty on the south end. I wonder about the moisture again because it has been predicted several times and our place didn't even get a sprinkle. It will rain here again -- don't know when but it will! The cows to AI for spring delivery are being selected and it won't be very long before it is time. The cows bred to calve this September are all looking good and I have found no problems in them at all.

I hung out at the feed store yesterday for a couple of hours. A group of fellers was always there, some coming as some were going. I enjoy visiting and catching up on the news since we are mostly all vaccinated for the corona. The younger men are still waiting their turn at the needle, but they are pretty sure old men are safe! I learned of births and deaths that I did not know about. The laughter was good and I felt pretty good when I left there.

My close relative is happy with her hens as she is getting fresh eggs again and, believe me, she is cooking eggs often! I like eggs, but she is fixing some fancy egg thing for every meal. I ate something last evening for supper that looked like a pie and the name of it started with a Q. I did not like it, hope to never see it again and have decided to go to town to eat if it shows up once more! It was a complete waste of a perfectly fine pie crust! I tried not to grumble and, yet, I wanted to state my case. No hissy fit occurred, no crying and I was not injured, so maybe all is well for supper tonight!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, it is easier to be kind when you really want to be. I mean, if you have a talk with yourself and agree to be a softer touch when it comes to the tea being spilled in your lap, the pickup being out of gas because you let the teenager use it to just go to ball practice, and even answering the phone and being offered an extended warranty! It seems to help to have that "kindness" decision already made. It works for me, but I ain't promising anything!

Clean the guns, count the ammo, and "Remember the Alamo!"

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.


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