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OPINION: Raising cattle is the very best occupation in the whole world if ...

April 20, 2021 at 8:24 a.m.

We had to mow the lot because the henbit was as tall and thick as it could get and it looks pretty to Yankees but not to us who own the land! The grass has started, really started, and the mower blades are being sharpened as I write. The offspring have pulled all the blades on all the mowers, including the close relative's pride and joy! Haying is coming up quickly!

I am a happy feller this morning; got the moisture we were needing, grass growing and calves are healthy. Won't be long before the grands will be out of school for the summer and some will be home all day. The older ones are already hired out except one that will work for us here. He likes the food!

I pulled a pickup bed full of purple mint yesterday afternoon after the rain. It was coming up in all the same places, so I will spray there again this year. I thought I got it all before it seeded but the evidence says it did something to come back. I notice some huge thistles along the road to the south pasture and I should stop and dig them up. Need to put a shovel in the truck -- make a note!

My close relative is preparing a trip to see her sisters in the big city. They will shop, eat tiny little sandwiches consisting of only wishes, drink mineral water and giggle. The entire family of siblings is still living, miles and miles apart but they manage to get the once-a-year visit done. I will be forced to eat hamburgers and French fries for a few days and maybe even cook for myself. You know I am pretty good in the kitchen! I can make breakfast of bacon and eggs with plain bread instead of toast and enjoy it. I know this is a great and important trip for her but it is also a little fun for me. I will never say that out loud and I will miss her a lot, but it is nice to have a little break!

No problems to report this morning with the cattle. I am about ready to pull in some of the steers and weigh them, and it's almost time to start the spring roundup. We will do it as soon as the hired grandkid gets home from the halls of education!

We have heard on the news the number of new covid-19 cases was still in triple digits yesterday. Some folks were again counted among the lost and it seems some others still don't believe it will kill them or the person they might infect. Death is real; how do we make it more true?

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, raising cattle is the very best occupation in the whole world -- if it rains and they don't lay down and die! I would hope to never, ever change what I have made a living doing during this long lifetime I have been afforded. I know women have a hard life married to men who do this. The first 20 years of doing without are hard even if they are willing to stay hooked up 24/7, and that is what it takes. The fellers want better equipment but they are usually unaware of the wants and desires of their other halves.

I say pay attention to her when she says she wants to go to the movie or take her to the Golden Arches once in a while for a meal. That is a necessary thing for women, and behave when you are asked to stack the dishes while she bathes two or three kids. Just be nice!

Keep smiling and Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: Raising cattle is best occupation if ...


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