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Ho Ho Ho! He has been to the rock pile and dumped out a huge sack of fun and a bounty of nice gifts too! We greeted and gathered and loved being where we are in this big old confused world. The food was way too abundant and so, being the kind of family leader I am, I tried to eat as much of it as possible! That protected the others and they have yet to thank me for it!

Thanks were also abundant. We thanked the Lord over and over for the love and patience he affords us old country folks. We thanked each other for many things, and I want to announce that it is a wonderful thing, it is, to get gifts from the offspring! Not speeding tickets, not flat tires, not a breakdown on the highway he was never supposed to be on to begin with, I mean real gifts!

Number one male gave me shotgun shells, a feather vest and a new flashlight because he lost the old one. Number two came across with a live trap big enough to hold a coyote, shirts and leather gloves. Now the female offspring has an advantage and I realize that, being a female and knowing lots of stuff about needs. She replaced the old worn-out patio set with a fancy new thing that will be so wonderful in the coming year! I won't try to mention all the wonderful gifts the grands gave us, and how grateful we are for the whole herd! Christmas has happened and is now a memory to enjoy!

The day was half gone before I got the hay hauled and headed back to the headquarters. I had hurried along and was getting rather anxious to get back to the kitchen and see how much help I could be with leftovers. I was hoping for a big ham and cheese sandwich but was informed the leftover ham went home with the offspring.

My close relative is a master where leftover turkey is concerned and so we will have turkey casserole, turkey spaghetti, turkey and rice and turkey stew. By the end of the week, I will walk carefully so as not to strut! Yes, I am a well-fed beef producer, feeding America on good wholesome beef! I am working hard, trying to remember the taste of a grilled T-bone steak and keep my mouth closed about it!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, those nifty little gadgets that are so handy and will do 20 different tasks with 20 different screws and then fit in your pocket are certainly strange. I was blessed to get several different breeds of such fantastic little items and have yet to find a use for any of them but I do know that from Christmas morning forward to the end of my life I will be able to locate a wall stud! That little dude works great! I would wish the same for all your stuff! I keep the items in the truck and act like I use them, and might figure out how to use one someday!

Take your neighbors some oranges and apples and wish them a better and brighter New Year!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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