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OPINION: You are also a blessed person

July 12, 2021 at 9:42 p.m.

The year the rain came just before the Fourth of July was pretty special! The entire countryside was still wet and we set off all kinds of big bangs and shining fountains! The whoops and claps were loud and full of appreciation, mixed with the Ohhs and Ahhs as the colors filled the sky!

We said the pledge of allegiance to our flag, prayed for peace and remembered the fallen who had so gallantly protected our freedom. The ice cream and blackberry cobbler, iced down watermelon and tons of hot dogs with all the trimmings were served long before dark, and we appreciated the cup of hot coffee as the sky darkened and kids begged for the start!

I put Snip and Jack in the enclosed stalls, finally caught Old Dog to put in the utility room. Old Dog loves the attention the family pours on and did not want to let me catch him at all! The bulls just had to stand the noise and the gun smoke! They barely stopped eating the good alfalfa hay I provided for the occasion!

What a joy the holiday was and I was so glad to see our sons and grands observe the reasons for the celebration with respect and devotion. Our young sure need some guidance in order to never let them forget why we shoot off fireworks!

So, the rain also watered the grass and I praised the Lord for the full tanks, the grass and the fish pond the older of the offspring stocked with blue catfish. The fresh runoff filled it and you know those fish are just waiting for the frying pan! The downside was remembering the steers in the pens with mud and more mud! Fellers shouldn't expect to have it all!

The cows due in September are doing well and the first cows who did not settle the first AI breeding for spring calves have been turned in with the bulls. Pardon me, that was a mistake, the cows to calve in February are the ones of which I speak! So things are sorta under control and hay is constantly being baled and stored. I am very blessed!

My close relative's garden is just full of wonderful veggies and tons of rabbit food. She did plant some onions and, because I pleaded for it, one pepper plant. I am eating the salads without a gripe because it is much easier than making my life difficult! I also stop at the coffee emporium occasionally for an afternoon burger. Just for the nourishment due to the hard labor to which I am required to attend.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, it does not matter if you owe your lifeblood to the bank and can't see how you have even made it this far; you are also a blessed person. If you have food and a roof over yourself and family, you are way ahead of millions on this earth. We have freedom and are determined to keep it, one way or another. We stand knee-deep in bad trouble right now, but the end will come and the citizens of America will prevail again! Thank the Lord for the right to even be an American!

My old truck has seen better days but I have to have a new shotgun first! Keep your powder dry and Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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