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OPINION: Some vegetables are so bad even the rabbits leave them alone

by Bill | July 21, 2021 at 5:25 a.m.

We are experiencing warm weather. I love the summer with birds and beasts everywhere and lots of daylight to use for work and enjoying the whole thing. I watch and I wander around, hoping to see the young of all the little farm critters that eat my feed and dirty up my barns. They are a pain but the little ones are sorta fun to see and watch them grow. The barn cats have certainly multiplied and are about to take over!

I have taken all the grands to see kittens and pointed out the need for every home to have a mouser of good reputation, the beauty of saving a little animal from a life of living in a barn with no cuddling and how easy it is to train a kitten to a box! The cats chose to produce in the easiest places this spring so kittens are easy to see and are people friendly! Call my close relative if you would like a few of the lovely babies!

The hay is continuing on and the old pair, truck and man, are also continuing. I wish we had bought a newer old truck last fall when they were cheaper, most of the old things have A/C now. Our hay truck is a relic and it still runs like a thoroughbred in the Derby! Remember that man fixed it and it is still fixed but like an oven in the cab. I will survive it and we will eventually park it for the rest I deserve. I am thankful for the amount of hay we have put up and think of those up in the northwest suffering without.

The cattle find shade and lay around in the middle of the day's heat. We have automatic water for all the pastures now and it is an excellent help in reducing diseases. We know the cows like to stand belly deep in the ponds but they also drink that nasty water. We have had less of all the diseases since there is no longer a place for them to swim. Just can't train my bovine to be aware of bad habits!

The coffee emporium is doing a big business anymore. They got a soft-serve ice cream machine and will put a big pretty pile on a slab of pie. The news spread like wildfire and I see automobiles from towns around here that I don't recognize taking up my slot! The round table is kept shiny by the elbows of the regulars and they have regular orders. Jack and Tolly Stevens come to town early for coffee and ice cream. My diet of rabbit food allows me about once a day to stop for supplements!

We discussed the price of feed while sitting on sacks at the feed store yesterday. The cost is pretty hard on us and we have to have grain, whatever the price, for our living. Or at least, we think we do. It won't go down until we have a government with a thought for the food producers in this country.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, there are some vegetables that are so bad that even the rabbits leave them alone in the garden. The cabbage and broccoli are plentiful around here and the zucchinis produce a new crop every twelve hours! The rabbits are educated by their forefathers to only eat the good stuff.

Be kind to your family and the neighbors and keep your ammo in a safe, secure location! Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: Some vegetables are so bad even the rabbits leave them alone


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