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OPINION: Second Arizona audit report shows intentional election criminality

by Randy Moll | November 9, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

The purpose of a comprehensive forensic audit is not to report the total ballots cast but to determine how many votes were real and how many were fraudulent. Nor is it necessary to establish who won or if cheating occurred -- it did and on a massive scale -- but it is to identify criminal election behavior.

That evidence was laid out in "The Arizona Nuclear Earthquake: 'The Election Should Not be Certified'"(LibertyUnder Fire.com). The controlled press ignored proof positive evidence submitted in the first Cyber Ninjas report and predictably will do the same in this second report as well. Nevertheless, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, based on the presented forensic documentation, appears ready to unleash indictments leading to prosecution.

Maricopa County since has argued that "these logs are configured according to factory settings and have a storage limit of 20 megabytes"; thus, despite the law requiring them to keep all election records for 22 months, they did not do so because of limited computer space. They also bypassed the findings of the auditors and left the question unanswered: "Why was a script with over 37,000 long inquiries anonymously executed to delete security logs?"

In this new report, auditors reminded the county that their feeble excuse for the deleted data was "disingenuous at best when the county had the full control to properly modify this setting to ensure that the log data was properly retained." Their excuse itself is fraudulent. They broke the law. Notice how often the word deliberate was used in the auditors' reprimand.

Section 1.9.4 of this report, entitled Log Management, read in part: "So the response of Maricopa County does not address the fact that the user leveraging the EMS admin account deliberately and purposely executed a script that checked the accounts for duplicate passwords 38,478 times. This deliberate execution of the script occurred over three days; specifically on February 11, 2021, there were 462 log entries overwritten, on March 3, 2021, there were 37,686 log entries overwritten, and on April 12, 2021, there were 330 log entries overridden. ... The act of executing these scripts had the effect of deliberately ensuring that the Windows security logs covering the dates of the General Election would not be available for review" (Ep. 2607b - Big Tech/[DS] Panic, Strategically Planned, Dark To Light, [TRUTH] = END, X22 Report, October 21, 2021).

Thus, overwhelming evidence of election fraud provided in the first report, now amplified by a deliberate coverup and deliberate obstruction of justice -- destroying evidence -- is even more overwhelming. They never expected to be caught. Remember these 38,478 deleted votes were likely Trump votes. Trump only needed to exceed 10,457 of these votes to win Arizona. And this is only one county of 15 in Arizona.

Remember also that Cyber Ninjas could not confirm the accuracy of 284,000 votes in its first report. "Buried in Volume III of the audit report. Cyber Ninjas notes that 263,139 ballot images were corrupted and another 21,273 were missing from the forensic images of the election equipment, which prevented the team from confirming the accuracy of the vote totals."

Continuing, "It was impossible to confirm that the electronically recorded votes corresponded to the corrupted TIFF images. It is possible that manipulation of the election vote totals occurred in the instances where the TIFF images are corrupted or missing. The tabulators process 1.3 million votes from 10:20 to 11:01 [presumably p.m.] without a single corrupt image, nearly 300 suspiciously corrupted missing ballot images evidence that the EBS the EMS was connected to the Internet and the deletion of the GE results, database and thousands of security log files the day before the audit began, make a compelling case for the cover-up of the electronic vote manipulation" (Ep. 2588b-Tide Is Turning, How Do You Prevent This From Happening Again, Prosecution Is The Only Way, X22 Report, September 28, 2021).

Once again, of these 284,000 corrupted ballots, it is likely that these were Trump ballots. Trump needed only to exceed 10,457 from this number to claim Arizona. And this is only the result of one county in Arizona. Any honest reporter has to admit Trump easily won Arizona.

All this corruption despite Arizona state law 13-2407, "Tampering with a Public Record. A. A person commits tampering with a public record if, with the intent to defraud or deceive, such person knowingly: 4. Destroys, mutilates, conceals, removes or otherwise impairs the availability of any public record" (Ep. 2585B-Fraud Vitiates Everything, It's Time To Investigate the Cheating And Bring Criminal Charges, X22 Reports, September 24, 2021).

But movement for similar audits in other states too is ongoing. "In Georgia, 19,000 ballots were counted from a single Zuckerberg dropbox over one weekend, but surveillance shows only 24 people dropping off ballots" (Ep. 2588b-Tide Is Turning, How Do You Prevent This From Happening Again, Prosecution Is The Only Way, X22 Report, September 28, 2021).

Six states -- Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Michigan and Washington -- have door-to-door canvassing with teams looking and finding thousands of voters that didn't exist at their registered addresses. Texas Secretary of State announced that it will do a full comprehensive forensic audit in four Texas counties, including the two largest Democratic counties in the state. Movement for audits in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is strong. Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin previously called for a 2020 election audit in Virginia (Ep 2595b-America Will Start Winning Again Like Never Before, The Castle Runs Red, Yes, X22 Reports, October 7, 2021).

A recent Rasmussen Report poll found that 56% believed cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election (Biden 2020 win 'tainted' 56% say it was a cheater paradise," by Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, Oct. 11, 2021).

Harold W. Pease, Ph.D., is an expert on the United States Constitution and a syndicated columnist. He has dedicated his career to studying the writings of the Founding Fathers and applying that knowledge to current events. He taught history and political science from this perspective for more than 30 years. To read more of his weekly articles, visit www.LibertyUnderFire.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: Second Arizona audit report shows intentional election criminality


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