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OPINION: Things happen we will never understand

November 9, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

The night of ghosts and goblins has come and gone. We had an evening of fun watching the younger kids at a church party all dressed up in costumes like the characters they read stories about or the scariest things they could think of. The gender thing was pretty evident, pink princesses and mummy after zombie. The girls were pretty and cute and the boys were nasty and bloody!

Then on Sunday morning, we discovered the ghouls and monsters had left us a devil cow! She was walking the fence and, by the time I got close enough to tell anything about the upset creature, I could see her head was bloody. She was upset to see the pickup coming toward her and shook her head at it, picked up speed, and now trotted down the fence line with head high and bawling. Her calf was sorta following, a heifer about six weeks old, and the whole scene made no sense to me or the calf!

I was calling the oldest offspring for reinforcements and trying to see what in the world was causing the upset and the blood. I still didn't know who was bleeding or what was out there in the next pasture. We circled the pasture but, by the time the barn and lot were getting close, the cow did a 180 and took off in high gear. I was sure glad to see the four-wheeler come across the pasture. We were going to have to pen this crazy animal and I still did not have a plan!

The cow stopped, pawed the ground, and bellered long and loud! She slung dirt as she shot off toward the four-wheeler intent on doing some damage to it. I was immediately forced into protective mode as that four-wheeler was connected to one of my close relative's pride and joy!

That poor old deranged cow ran hard as she could toward the machine and suddenly fell. She rolled over at least once, emitting a loud moan or, if animals scream, a scream. Her body twitched and her legs kicked and then she was still. Still as death!

I called the vet and did not even try to explain -- just come. I called my close relative and told her to go to church without me; I was dealing with the devil and couldn't leave until I won! I don't know what she thought, but the grunt was enough to let me know I was in disapproval.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, things happen we will never understand. People die even though they seem healthy. Cars wreck for unapparent reasons. Tools are lost and never found. Cows die but we don't have a clue.

Our vet, a trusted and highly educated doctor of animals, just stared at the cow lying on the ground with blood all over her head and face. He posted her immediately, taking samples as he went, and still unable to see a reason. Her head seemed to be uninjured, and he took samples of that blood to try to see what had left it there.

I don't understand, maybe never will, but keep your ammo and the long arms ready. Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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