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OPINION: There is no occupation in the world without drawbacks

by Randy Moll | October 12, 2021 at 8:46 a.m.

Our veterinarian spent the day with us and I am worn out! We preg checked cows that will deliver in February or March, doctored all the cuts, bangs and bruises in the steers and trimmed hooves on four cows. So that means we gathered lots of cattle and turned them back all day long. We also took a long ride!

Doc had seen Jack a couple of times and, being an avid fan of good horses, we went through lunch pretty quick and saddled up Jack and Snip. It was the best part of the week for me and good for all of us. Snip was so fresh he crow hopped a couple of times. That made me so tickled; the old clown is still feeling his oats!

We talked, Doc told me about his mom passing away with the terrible killer, cancer, and about his son driving to college in the used pickup they bought. A rattle trap old truck with little paint still on the hood and the kid was so proud! We talked about the grass, the need for lime and the cost of raising cattle! Doc sure liked Jack!

It was a good day all around. I hope the preg tests were correct; it's hard to always be 100% on what they feel in there and, if so, we did very well in the AI breeding. They were bred, all but three cows and they will go to town. I am sure these three were put with cleanup bulls and they just did not settle. Offspring had already told me they would probably be open, and they were.

The family decided to have a wiener roast this coming weekend so I have been sent to cut sticks. Yes, old fashion roasting sticks and double the number of people, we might have company! We have some of the fancy new metal roasting sticks but they just don't feel right or so I have been informed! My close relative is afraid the youth in the family won't know a thing about the past without lessons. And I guess she is right!

I was to also cut some wood for the fire pit so I got the stick and headed for the brush pile we had on the 80 acres. Drug out a pretty good sized hunk and attached to it was a pretty good sized reptile looking right at me! His old tongue was forked and he was sure gonna eat me for a snack! The fact is he could not catch me and I might have choked him to death with heel dust! When I got back to the pickup, I put the saw back in the truck and rested for a minute. Thinking ahead, I decided not to mention the ordeal, just to offer to get wood tomorrow!

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, there is no occupation in this world that does not have drawbacks! We are created to work and some of us are blessed to work on the land. Some are dentists and they have to work in the mouth of whoever comes along! Think about a lawyer who has to be available to the criminals who he must defend even if he knows they "done it"! The man who owns the hardware store is required to have an inventory worth a million if he wants to compete in the business. I believe I would rather be out here running from a nasty snake a mile long or so and do what we do!

Be kind, share your bounty with the poor and keep your arms oiled! Most important, 'Remember the Alamo!'

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: There is no occupation in the world without drawbacks


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