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OPINION: Find the joy and enjoyment where you can!

September 28, 2021 at 9:12 a.m.

The offspring came in time for breakfast with us this morning. My close relative made biscuits and cooked bacon, sausage and gravy, plus a platter of fried eggs. I walked in and immediately knew we were expecting an army to descend upon us!

We usually have toast and I get two strips of bacon, one egg and no gravy. She evidently had made a date with her offspring to show up, because she sure enjoys feeding them and having them in her kitchen! All mothers understand that, so I am told.

We talked about the place and the work ahead as we had the second cup of coffee. I knew the purple mint weeds were bad but I did not know it was killing cattle for our neighbor. He has lost three cows and a bull, but his grass is good and I did not know cattle would hunt the weed. The wooded areas are full of it this year and the only way to get to it is to use a weed hook. We decided to hire a couple of high school boys on Saturday to do some cutting.

We are about to get into a drought, like tomorrow, if it doesn't drop some rain pretty soon. I suspect we had better be watching for all kinds of non-ag problems on top of that! This world is in trouble but that ain't a new disease. It has stayed in some sort of misery since Adam let Eve talk him into the bite in the garden!

Our steers in the feedlot are looking real good, gaining and will probably weigh over eleven hundred today. My close relative and I looked at them a few days ago, needed to see for ourselves. We make a day of it because we take time to drive around the pens and look at all the fat cattle. Then we take the long way home and eat supper. She likes a salad and I prefer a steak with fries and two little loaves of hot bread and butter! It was a pleasant day for us.

Our preacher came to visit last week. He was looking for some cornstalks and pumpkins to decorate his home for the upcoming holiday. We had none, didn't know anywhere to send him but we gave him pie and coffee. He moved here from the East but we like him and sometimes understand what he said.

The saved bulls are thinning out. Sold all but two of the oldest ones with hesitation because they are still so young. Hope the buyers will continue feeding and not using them too soon. I might keep the last two to use here, depending on how they continue to look.

It is my opinion, and everyone has one, we had better find the joy and enjoyment where we can! We fuss about wasting a day, but it was one of pleasure. Feeding her offspring was a pleasure for both of us. Riding a good horse to do my work is a pleasure, and we had best be looking for all these little things! You won't live on this old sphere forever in the throes of danger, drought, weeds and blizzards that are soon gonna be upon us! Have time for some pleasure, but not too much! That would lead right back to misery! And take some coffee to your neighborhood widow!

Count your ammo and Remember the Alamo!

Bill is the pen name used by the Gravette-area author of this weekly column. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Print Headline: Find the joy and enjoyment where you can!


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